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Drop In Sinks for commercial applications and benefits of stainless steel material



Dumping dirty water outside after rinsing activities is not the case for food establishments. Thus, a Drop In Sinks made of stainless steel can become your indispensable assistant. Such a sink will definitely become an integral part of a cleaning strategy for your commercial kitchen. You can pick the option that best suits the rinsing needs and will significantly facilitate the fulfillment of daily tasks, simplifying the washing procedures, saving time, and helping kitchen staff to comply with health and safety criteria and recommendations. Using it on a daily basis, such a sink enhance convenience. That’s why it is a perfect solution for businesses engaged in the foodservice industry.

If you are considering to purchase a new commercial sink, AmGoodSupply has a large product selection of sanitizing stations including:

  • compact-sized sink with faucet for dealing with a variety of tasks at busy kitchens;
  • 3 compartment drop-in-sink without faucet for ensuring efficient workflow;
  •  one compartment stainless steel commercial sink without drainboard.

Choosing one of these products, businesses will get the opportunity to expand washing capabilities, install stainless steel Drop In Sinks even in small commercial spaces, and manage cleaning tasks for their proper and regular implementation.

Reasons to invest in a durable Drop In Sinks for your establishment

Complete range of accessories. Depending on the construction, sinks can come with splashback and wall brackets, front or adjustable metal legs, a variety of faucets, drainage trays, etc.

High impact resistance. Stainless steel as the most durable, strong, and wear-resistant material has the ability to withstand the intense use that is typical for busy commercial kitchens. Moreover, robust sink bowl construction ensures maximum strength and prevents water leaks.

Easy to maintain. By equipping your establishment with these 2 compartment drop in sink, your workers won’t spend hours to care for it, as maintenance are quick, and no cracks or scratches will appear on the sink trapping and hiding dirty water that can cause mold growth and bacteria spreading.

Built to last. This stainless steel product is well made and won’t break, deteriorate, or damage easily, even despite regular exposure to numerous influences.

Tips for choosing the best stainless steel equipment

Finding the best quality equipment for your establishment in the foodservice industry is pivotal for business efficiency. No matter, you need a new work table for optimization of food prep processes, stainless steel containers or cabinets for storing products, or Drop In Sinks to promote cleanliness, it is crucial to pay attention on aesthetic component including finishes and accessories and on thickness (gauge) of stainless steel. The thicker the material, the longer it will serve for your purposes.

What about the price? There is a stereotype that stainless steel is an expensive metal. Of course, comparing with other types of commercial furniture materials, you can find out that the cost is really higher. However, a long lifespan as the most desirable advantage wins the competition in terms of the price-quality ratio. You won’t find a better material option for arranging your commercial space.

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