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6 Gorgeous Styles For Your Room You Should Try Out



Have you gotten bored with the outdated style of your room? Maybe it is time for restyling! Nothing compares to the joy and satisfaction you get when you try out the new decor for your bedroom. Basic knowledge of interior design should help you with deciding which style to adopt next for your space. If you’re not an expert, though, you will need to look through inspirational room images, decor, and recommendations on the internet. To save you the trouble, we’ve picked 6 gorgeous styles that might suit your needs.

1. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is rising in popularity mainly because the mid-1900s produced several iconic pieces that are still used to this day. This style is known for its minimalist features, organic curves, and clean lines. It also employs unique materials, such as aluminum used in industrial designs, molded plastic, glass, vinyl, and plywood. Mid-century modern pieces are so versatile they can be used in almost any room arrangement, and can also be used in other interior design styles. In case you’re considering changing the style of your room in the future, reusing mid-century modern furniture will help you do just that. You can start by picking up vintage furniture, then can complement it with other decorative pieces. Avoid, however, ornamentation and make sure you’re using a mid-century modern color scheme.

2. Boho-Chic

When we hear the term “boho-chic,” we often think of unconventional pieces that can be both ethnic and vintage in their nature. Adopting a boho-chic style might sound difficult, what with the array of patterns you’re going to use to make this style come to life. However, the folks at tell you that you can do this only by adding pillows and throws to the room. Using as many colors and patterns is the one defining element of the boho-chic style. You can do this by using patterned, textured pillows of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Make sure you’re using floral, bright colors, tribal prints, and geometric and ethnic patterns. If you don’t like floral colors in your room, you can use shades at the cooler end of the spectrum, like rusty oranges and olive greens.

3. Industrial

Industrial styles are often easy to discern from their counterparts, due to their signature usage of exposed steel, wood, and bare brick walls. More modern styles accentuate the room with coppery tones to add a more rustic feel and maturity to the room. If you have brick walls in your room, then the industrial style will definitely work for you. Try rustic color schemes that use brown, gold, and beige shades. Bold furniture with unfinished wood and steel legs is essential for industrial styles. Make sure to use rugs with faded or dark colors to complement the room.

4. Farmhouse

The decor of farmhouses is inspired by cabin interior designs, along with some traditional elements. People who adopt this style mostly use neutral colors like beige, gray, or cream to accentuate the room. This is one of the first steps to creating a farmhouse feel. Light-colored walls are also a hallmark for farmhouse styles. Make sure to use rustic wire baskets along with a mixture of old, vintage items and modern pieces of furniture. Don’t forget to incorporate wood into the decor; it will give off that rustic feeling of a farmhouse. Antique washboards or wooden farmhouse signs are excellent pieces to add to your farmhouse room.

5. Coastal

Coastal style, or what is commonly known as nautical decor, is meant to exude the spirit of the carefree, coastal lifestyle with a palette of warm, relaxing colors. Of course, vibrant blue is the accent color. Coastal styles incorporate blue-striped pillows and/or rugs, along with blue-accentuated artwork.

6. Asian

A lot of people prefer a more oriental design to their rooms, so they’ll opt for the Asian decor, which reflects the Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese cultures. Though most designs integrate only the Japanese and Chinese designs. Chinese decorations, for example, include ornate furniture with carved designs and bold colors. Japanese designs, on the other hand, employ more subdued colors, asymmetrical furniture arrangements, and minimal furnishings.

Once you pick a style, it is easy to move from there. Whether you opt for a minimalist mid-century modern style or a traditional farmhouse decor, make sure you have the right furniture, color schemes, and ornaments for the best results. If you don’t know how to adopt a certain style, be sure to look through room inspiration images on the internet or find out how to become an interior designer to guide you in the right direction.

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