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Dorchester County Launches Geo-Targeted Emergency Notification System



Press Release

Dorchester County has partnered with Everbridge to provide geographically targeted emergency notifications.

Everbridge will be used to notify residents and business owners of time sensitive/emergency updates in their immediate area. The platform allows users to add multiple addresses (work, home, school etc.) as well as multiple contact methods to get emergency alerts where and how they choose.

In addition to Everbridge, Dorchester County will continue to use the GovDelivery platform for general emergency updates (Hurricanes, State of Emergencies, COVID-19, etc.), as well as county news and quarterly updates (such as this). Residents and Business Owners are encouraged to sign up for updates from both notification platforms.

Here is an example of an emergency use to illustrate why residents and business owners are encouraged to sign-up for both notification systems-

Scenario: A train carrying hazardous material has derailed between Coburn Town Road and Hwy. 27 in Ridgeville. All residents and businesses within a 3-mile radius should remain indoors until further notice.

The Everbridge Notification would be sent immediately to those located in the 3-mile radius deemed the “danger area”

The GovDelivery notification would be sent to everyone with information about the derailment, public safety information on the material e.g. known hazards to people, pets and the environment, crews responding, traffic detours, shelter operations, estimated time of cleanup, etc.

Sign Up

Residents can sign up for Everbridge notifications by visiting  and following the instructions to create an account and/or by downloading the Everbridge App in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Dorchester County Council Chairman, George Bailey said “We are excited to add Everbridge as another option for residents and business owners to receive information at their fingertips. I find comfort in knowing that if and when time sensitive information needs to be distributed the County has multiple platforms to do so.” Bailey added “I encourage all residents and business owners to sign up for this life saving notification system.”

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