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How to Easily Find Suitable Clubs and Putters for You



In these stressful times, outdoor sports such as golf are the few relatively safe forms of exercise we can easily partake in while enjoying the sunshine and getting some much-needed activity and socializing. Whether you are a novice or an old hand to the game, investing in the right accessories can be an important step in maximizing your ability to have fun while playing.

The following is a basic guide to help you figure out how to find the best clubs and putters for you. It also helps you focus on features that go far beyond mere aesthetics.

Assess Your Balance

First things first, you should assess your balance, and whether you go with face or toe balance when taking your aim. Each model has a unique design that underscores the golfer’s movement when it comes to putting strokes and using an arc swing that moves back and forth. You should take the time to determine your swing path by taking a swing at the ball. Do you have a tendency to draw the club straight back then release directly at the ball, or does your swing tend to have an arc that wraps a bit over your feet as you take a swing? These questions will help you learn how balanced you are while swinging. As you shop around and try things out, you will be able to see whether a toe or face balanced putter works for your natural stroke. This is why checking in with a professional and going to a few licensed vendors will be of great help to you. Everyone’s body works differently as they play the sport, so you should figure out how you move first.

Other Physical Attributes

A crucial element to finding the best golf club is also figuring out the best length that works for your height. This is especially true when choosing the best womens golf clubs, a process which is essentially decided in comparison with how tall a golfer is in contrast with the shaft. A shaft is the tube that the golfer places their hands on. Remember, the longer the shaft the farther away your hands are from the ball, which can impact your ability to hit and play at an enjoyable pace.

Another important aspect of choosing the right shaft size for your club is understanding how fast your swing is. This is typically evaluated when you are getting properly fitted for the club at a professional vendor. Based on your tryouts there, you will be advised to take either a regular flex shaft or a club with a higher fact loft.

Blade or Mallet Putter

Let’s move back to the issue of putters again. The putter is an essential piece of equipment for any golfer and is arguably the most important piece in your bag. You will need to decide between two major putter head styles, the blade or mallet.

The blade putter has a smaller head and tends to be the more traditional style out there. The blades are used by those that prefer a smaller aesthetic and desire more accuracy when it comes to swinging in their direction and distance. A mallet putter, on the other hand, features a larger head style and is increasingly popular for beginners or intermediate players. This is due to the fact that the head of a mallet putter allows for considerable forgiveness when you misfire because of the heavier head. The weight helps to stabilize the power head and results generally in a more enjoyable experience when playing.

A Note About Wedges

Golf wedges are typically only used for specific situations. It includes features that help the player to make a short-distance shot which gets the ball onto the green and prevents it from falling into a weird spot that would cause you to lose the game. They can help you swing safely the sand, mud, and lots of grass that would keep the ball from getting buried in the soil.

When purchasing wedges, you should think about the course you are playing, and whether the green is small or elevated. If there is a lot of sand, then you will want a wedge that would result in less bounce when hitting.

There are quite literally hundreds of golf clubs and putters to choose from. It can be incredibly difficult to make the right decision, but taking the time to try things out and taking into account your own particular set of physical attributes and movement can be incredibly helpful in making the right purchase. Don’t make the mistake of buying a set of clubs that cost you an arm and a leg and look nice, but don’t actually help you to perform or play the game well.

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