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Vicious Biscuit Now Spicing Up Brunch In Summerville



Mount Pleasant Daytime Eatery Perfecting a Southern Staple In Nexton Community

By: Jeff Walker, Business Review

This is an addition to a previous article I posted on Vicious Biscuit. After kicking brunch ass for more than a year in Mount Pleasant, the owners recently opened a new location (July 2020) in the Nexton Community off North Main Street aka 17-A in Summerville, about a half mile off I-26 exit 199A.

If you haven’t tried Vicious Biscuit than you are missing a real early morning and midday treat. While chain breakfast & lunch eateries focus on the same old thing, Vicious create one of a kind taste sensations centered around, or more appropriately served over awesome biscuits. Southern to the max!

As they continue to evolve, with the opening of the new Nexton locations, Vicious Biscuit have added several first time entries to their menu, among them two I can personally endorse. Like I say, BBQ is king in Charleston, and why wait till lunch or dinner to enjoy.

The Rise n’ Swine (clever title) is just as you would imagine. Imagine pigs in a blanket to the highest level. Like granddaddy used to say, ‘it’s a heaping helping of savory pulled pork top with a sunny side egg, layered on a plump buttermilk biscuit, smothered in their own blend of BBQ and hollandaise sauce. Finger or fork licking good!

Not to be outdone, the Vicious Benny (their version of eggs benedict) is as straight forward as it is slightly upper-crust. Two sunny up eggs layered over thin sliced smoked ham, drenched in hollandaise sauce, stacked on top of their signature biscuit.

Come in with a hearty appetite, and you’ll leave aptly satisfied. Vicious Biscuit does not disappoint on flavor, presentation, or quick turn around time. They have re-imagined fast food for breakfast and lunch lovers. For those who a more health conscious, Vicious has added a couple of items to their Not So Vicious (no biscuit) menu.

The Keto Bowl comes teeming with fresh avocado, sliced roma tomatoes, and sunny side up eggs over a bed of crisp spinach leaves. You can order with or without crumbled bacon. Another sure fire taste sensation is the Egg White Omelet complete with sauteed spinach, feta covered nicely in their homemade pico de gallo. Good way to arouse the taste buds early in the morning.

Take a walk on the wild side and give Vicious Biscuit a try whether you find yourself in Mt. Pleasant or Summerville. Wrap your hands around their hearty biscuits chuck full of tasty edibles and undeniable flavor.  Of course you can always use a fork. Your taste buds will do a back over flip either way. Check out their full menu here at

Below is original review from 2019

From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon biscuits have become an everyday staple food in America, complementing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However while most of the country consider the biscuit an afterthought, in the south biscuits are as essential to a meal as the very air we breathe. In the Bible Belt or the ‘true south’, biscuits are as time honored as thin sliced pizza is on the streets of New York.

And in a food and drink community like Charleston, South Carolina we celebrate our freshly baked goods. Biscuits are hallowed here in the low country, and no one is celebrating them better than Vicious Biscuit in Mount Pleasant. Born out of a biscuit catering company created by chef Michael Greeley and his wife Carly in 2017, Vicious Biscuit gained quick reputation spurring Josh Lambert and local restaurateur George McLaughlin Sr. to partner with the Greeley’s, establishing a brick and mortar location at 409 West Coleman Blvd east of the Cooper.

Open for breakfast and lunch 7-3pm weekdays, and 8-3pm Saturday and Sunday, Vicious Biscuit is not your typical brunch eatery. Ten signature made from scratch biscuit concoctions, that will titillate the palate including their namesake ‘The Vicious’, a savory sweet and salty mélange with a kick.

Imagine a crispy chicken breast and cowboy candy (secret ingredient) layered inside a cheddar and jalapeno infused buttermilk biscuit, smothered in maple sausage gravy with additional maple syrup drizzled on top. It’s a taste sensation best described as deliciously savage.

Whether your taste buds run from the mild to the extreme, Vicious Biscuit has a culinary treat on the menu board for you. Delicate palates might prefer The Gravy Train, simply two buttermilk biscuits drenched in their home-made maple sausage gravy. Diners with a more fiery appetite may be drawn to The Flame Thrower, similar to their namesake with the addition of white cheddar, thick but bacon, surrounded by spicy remoulade (pungent herb filled blend). Looking for a way to jump start your day, The Flame Thrower will ignite the senses.

There are several biscuits on the bill of fare catering to southern hospitality. Locals will find The Shrimp & Grits appealing, with The Fat Boy just as inviting, oozing with house-made pimento cheese covered in locally made hot honey. Double yummy and southern to the max ya’ll!

Vicious Biscuit may be low brow, but The Crab Benny (clever name) provides a bit of high brow zest. A lump of house made crab cake positioned with fried green tomato, sunny side up egg, a spread of hollandaise, topped with chives. It’s about as genteel as they get at Vicious.

Simply put Vicious Biscuit is brunch style diner where biscuits eat like a meal. Whether you have a small hunger or crave a hearty appetite, Vicious has something for everyone. Although biscuits are the marquee’ attraction at Vicious, they do offer up a plethora of Not So Vicious menu items with equally appealing star power.

If you’re a traditionalist, the Old School Breakfast complete with two eggs any way you want them, choice of bacon or sausage, stone ground grits or morning potatoes, and oh yeah a piping hot biscuit just might do the trick. Just $9. The Belgian Waffle and Bacon provides a thick house made sweet potato biscuit waffle with stick to your ribs thick cut bacon slices. A steal at $6.

The Oatmeal Power Bowl complete with walnuts, chia seeds, fresh berries, cinnamon, and honey drizzle will get your mental faculties charged. Health conscious eaters might opt for the Greek Yogurt Cup, adorned with home-made granola, fresh fruit with a drizzle of honey. It will set you back all of $5. Who in the low country doesn’t love a good bowl of grits. The Nitty Gritty is packed with white cheddar and crumbled bacon. $5 for this southern staple.

While many of their selections come with star power, there are just as many co-stars on the menu. A total of nine choices under their sides, including meats, potatoes, and the every popular avocado. The Munchkin Platter and PB&J will delight the youngsters in your party. Hell yeah, Vicious make most if not all their jams and jellies, available alongside butter at their complimentary Jam & Butter Bar. Awesome!

I’ve mentioned many of the food stars and co-stars, but it would be rude not to single out there extensive beverages. Many brunch locales offer up hot and cold teas, soft drinks, original cups of joe alongside coffee laced infusions, with some additionally serving beer and wine. While that list of credits made the Vicious Biscuit line-up, they’ve gone the extra mile with adult libations that further enhance the brunch experience.

Chef Michaels’ Signature Bloody Mary (includes sliced bacon) and the mimosa are without a doubt the ideal complement to your brunch selection, especially on the weekend or if you’re not heading to work. Further liquid refreshment can be found in the Vicious Screwdriver (Tito’s Vodka & fresh squeezed OJ), or the Southern Sunrise complete with Kentucky bourbon, fresh squeezed OJ and honey infused syrup. We’re talking back porch country dining now! If you’re a regular joe don’t worry, Vicious carries domestic and local craft beers for your consumption.

Without a doubt Charleston is a food and beverage community. Not only is the Holy City ranked number one in just about every tourism poll out there, we were just included in the Top 20 destinations for food and drink. Those opening up successful restaurants recognize not only do they have to serve up awesome fare at a fair price, provide exceptional service, but also they have to set themselves apart, meaning they have to have something different from the rest. Vicious meets that criteria.

Aside from a few entrees just about every thing on the menu is under $11. A dozen fresh made biscuits run $16. Most cofee concoctions come in at $4 or less, with alcoholic drinks &8 or less. There are a few exception should you order a carafe of wine or Veuve Clicquot Champagne, which is one of the finest and most affordable bottles of top shelf sparkling wine available. Going to pop (pun intended) the question or maybe celebrating 25 or 50 years together, than I suggest The 100 Dollar, Say What!?!?. Rich champagne and breakfast for two, to help cherish that ideal moment in time.

Brunch style eateries are on the upswing here in Charleston, with Vicious Biscuit one of the few rising to the top of the preferred list. They are unpretentious and stay in their lane. They have perfected a southern staple and do what they do with consistency. Almost a year since they opened their doors, Vicious has loyal patrons, many dropping by more than once a week. You’ll find Vicious Biscuit at 409 West Coleman in Mount Pleasant. Bring your imaginative appetite with you.

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