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Travel Destinations That Will Bring You Closer to Nature



Everyone likes adventures, primarily when related to nature. That’s why people travel from one area to another to see for themselves these attractions. There are thousands of places you can visit worldwide, starting from your location and others far away in other regions. Depending on your financial state and taste, you can transverse as many areas as possible during your lifetime. In this piece, we will specifically look into the popular nature destinations globally:

1. Paracas National Reserve, Peru

This area is a protected national reserve in Peru, South America, which measures approximately 330,000 hectares. Paracas National Reserve is where the subtropical deserts end and meet the ocean. This abrupt-end creates a cliff, which is a magnificent sight to see while in Peru. There are massive cliffs and also hidden beaches which you can visit and explore with your friends and family, on a custom tour of Peru. With the strategy, you simply suggest what you would want to see and suggest your travel style. With the info, you will receive a quote for your travel hence making your trip more convenient and easy to plan.

If your option is the National Reserve, that’s it. The Paracas National Reserve creates a huge contrast between a desert and an ocean. If you love adventure, then this is the best place to be. If you are not within, you can book a hotel, stay for some days and enjoy this impressive scenery.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

This site, preserved by UNESCO, is an ancient Incan city at the center, surrounded by Cusco’s mountains. It is an area that is synonymous with the Incan and Peru cultures, and it is one of the sites you must visit during your lifetime. Machu Picchu can be described as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and its beauty cannot be compared to any other place. What does the site contain? It contains ancient temples, tunnels, towers, and many more developments that show old architectural expertise. Some forests and mountains surround this area, giving it an unmatched beauty you can’t resist.

3. The Nazca Lines

Based in Peru, this area is a must-visit for any individuals who love nature. The place contains drawings of people, animals, and other items which were done during ancient times. Some of these drawings are very large, measuring up to 100m in length. According to experts, maybe these were some communication or astronomical features that were used in ancient times. No one knows. Getting to these areas is a bit expensive, but the entrance fee is free of charge. You can consider a tour company that operates in this area.

4. Colca Canyon in Arequipa

This area is found deep within the mountains of Arequipa. Colca Canyon gets regarded as one of the deepest canyons in the world, and it is one of the places you should make a point of visiting as soon as possible. Some of the sights you can view in this area include the ancient terraced farmland, soaring condors, steep slopes, thermal springs, and the traditional villages. Its indirect routes around it make it the best site for individuals who love hiking and travelers who are looking for such challenges. To enjoy this scenery, you need to find a good team, a tour company and some excellent mountain climbing shoes to enjoy the experience.

5. Dominica

Also known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean,” Dominica is a perfect place suitable for individuals who love nature. It contains many beautiful sceneries, including natural mud baths, rivers, waterfalls, rainforests, and volcanic hot springs. You will also be able to enjoy the natural swimming holes found on this fantastic site. This place is trendy among individuals who like watching whales as it contains a lot of sperm whales that live near the coast. The underwater drop-offs provide sheltered bays that are ideal for whales breeding and divers who love exploring nature. On its black sandy beach, you can visit the hawksbill, leatherback, and the green turtle sanctuaries.

6. Williams Lake in Canada

If you are trying to find a destination where you can reconnect with nature, then Williams Lake in Canada is the perfect place to be. You can leave all the technologies and blend with the environment together with your family and friends in this area. Activities you can enjoy in this area include fly fishing, canoeing, and hiking, and also horse riding. There are also several mountains you can view and other related adventures.

There are lots of natural places you can visit around the world. The list is endless. You might not even exhaust all the places in your life, but you can visit as many as possible. This article has only highlighted a few popular areas. Maybe just a fraction of the total places you can visit. You can check others online as you continue with your adventures.

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