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Overview of Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course



The term hacking itself gives negative vibes as hacking is always grouped up with the hackers who do frauds. But it is also true that hacking attracts everyone, but hacking is not an easy task; hackers work their brains out in order to hack something. Almost everyone fantasizes of becoming a hacker, but they back off because it is unethical. But guess what – there is a job in which you need to think like a hacker so that you become able to crack the fraud and stop it. It goes by the name of CEH or Certified Ethical Hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking needs all the expertise of a malicious hacker, the only difference being that here the hackers try to legitimately penetrate the systems that they do have access to. This, they do with the intention of identifying the vulnerabilities and the weaknesses of that particular system that exposes it to external threats. Thereafter they try to  treat the vulnerabilities with relevant corrective countermeasures in order to prevent a possible compromise of the system. This is exactly what Certified Ethical Hackers do as a part of their job.

The CEH certification confirms the level of knowledge of the auditors, security officers as well as site administrators or anyone else who is concerned with the integrity and the security of the network administration in question.

Key features of Ethical Hacking Course

Now the time has arrived to open the box, which is filled with extraordinary features related to the Ethical hacking Course you are opting for. The features are listed below :

    1. The course of ethical hacking includes the examination fees in the course fees itself, i.e., no additional charges in the name of examination fees will be charged from the selectors of this course. In almost all the courses, it is witnessed that they charge the fees individually for the course and examination, but in ethical hacking, it is avoided.
    2. The person opting for this course is made to learn for 40 hrs. At this time, the information about the complete course is delivered to the students. Moreover, the complete syllabus of Ethical hacking is also covered in the allotted time period.
    3. The students are even provided training so that they can even acquire practical knowledge. Ethical hacking has collaboration with EC- council, which is their training partner, who guides the students to acquire practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.
    4. The students are even allotted free access to CEHv10 iLabs, which helps to enhance their knowledge regarding ethical hacking.
    5. Even the students are provided with study materials that can refer to when they want to add on to their knowledge regarding a particular subject. These study materials are provided by EC- council, which is also referred to as e- kit.


  • Currently, there are 20 current security domains of a CEH course.


Skills Taught in A Certified Ethical Hacking Course


  • Trojans, Backdoor Attacks and Countermeasures


One of the most common ways of a hack attack is through harmful but unsuspecting files otherwise called trojans, which open up certain pathways in the system security wall called backdoors. A certified ethical hacking course will teach you not only about how these attacks are done but will also tell you how to take countermeasure steps for stopping them.


  • IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots


This kind, of course, teaches you the essentials of firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and gives you an idea of how an attack is made to breach these systems. This will give you an idea of how to make your system more secure through different techniques such as Honeypots or some other advanced security algorithm.


  • Advanced Hacking Concepts


By going through this course, you’ll be able to learn and understand the new and advanced hacking concepts that hackers have begun implementing in order to bypass the current security layers. This will help you understand the loopholes in your system security fabric and work towards improving them.


  • Network Packet Analysis


You will also learn about the processes of analyzing the network packet that your digital server is receiving. You can get complete information about the traffic that is trying to access and request information from your server. In this way, you can intercept each network request signal and log its information, which will help you pinpoint the source of disruption in case of a data breach.


  • Mobile And Web Technologies


With most of the web traffic originating from handheld mobile devices, it has become essential to focus more on the mobile end of things. A certified ethical hacking course will teach you how hackers can attack mobile and web technologies and thus give you better ideas about securing them.


  • Advanced Log Management


You will also get to know about storing and managing logs of your server traffic. You’ll be trained to design system programs that automatically record, store, analyze, and identify the logs. You’ll also be able to perform specific queries and filter the log data as per your choice.

Benefits of selecting Ethical Hacking Course

The CEH course comes with a bunch of benefits for its students. These benefits help the selectors to fulfill their dreams. Some of those benefits are listed below:

  1. Having a certificate of Ethical Hacking helps the students to get placed for a job that really has a good payroll.
  2. Through this course, the students get detailed knowledge in the field of hacking, which further helps them in saving the systems and information from unauthorized access.
  3. In many organizations, it has been made mandatory to have a certification in the ethical hacking course to become eligible for the job.
  4. It has been witnessed that the certificate holders receive a high proportion of salary when compared to non certified professionals.
  5. Certificate holders of ethical hacking courses get a job more easily than the other people seeking the job.


By opting for the CEH course, one can open up their way to work like the hackers but ethically. In this course, the students are provided with real-life situations of fraud in which the hackers get unauthorized access to the systems so that the students can get to know about the hacking tricks and find out an alternative way to protect the systems and information from the penetration of the hackers. By having a certification in this course, the students can apply for an ample number of jobs with the high pay scale. Jobs like auditors, security officials, security administrators, and professionals are opened in front of them, and even these jobs are considered to have the highest pay scale for the employees.

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