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How to Ensure the Safety of Your Employees



As a business owner, you know that your employees are your most valuable assets. Their safety and well-being should always be a top priority if you want your business to succeed. If you think about it, you wouldn’t want to run a business where your employees’ health and safety are jeopardized, as it sends a clear message that you don’t care about them. No matter how much it will cost you to implement proper health and safety measures at your workplace, you cannot afford not to do it.

If you are not sure where to start, here are some ways to ensure the safety of your employees.

Get the Necessary Licenses

Depending on where your company is located, you will find that there are some necessary licenses you need to apply for before you are allowed to operate. Although some of these licenses can take a long time before they are issued, don’t go looking for a shortcut. Consult an expert to understand the safety protocols and how you can make sure that you are compliant to avoid wasting time on re-inspections. Keep in mind that the more care and attention you put in applying the right safety measures, the better your position will be should an accident happen in the future.

Use an EHS Management Software

EHS stands for Environment, Health, and Safety. It refers to the set of rules and regulations that protect employees and other stakeholders against workplace hazards. By integrating EHS management software in your business operations, you can make sure that you are always in control of the safety management in your company. An EHS management software has different features, including a job safety analysis tool that enables you to digitally circulate any safety precautions regarding the use of certain machines. You can also use this feature to advise your remote employees against using faulty equipment and share information about the maintenance updates.

Another important safety tool included in most EHS management software is the permit management feature. Using the permit management feature, you can make sure that only authorized personnel are granted access to hazardous areas in the company.

Schedule Regular Safety Training Sessions

Make safety training a quarterly recurring event where you can remind your employees of the safety protocols in the company. The scheduling tool in your EHS management software can help you populate this event and send company-wide reminders. Many employees tend to shrug off safety training and fail to understand its importance. The best way to overcome this reluctant behavior is to keep them involved during the training sessions. Use role-play methods and test their knowledge by having them compete in teams for a symbolic prize.

Follow a Maintenance Schedule

Make maintenance activities a priority, even if it means that you have to close the office for a couple of weeks to deal with gas leakage. Following a maintenance schedule will also help you identify any potential problem early on before it gets worse. Like the case of the gas leakage, if you discover it soon enough, you will have the time to inform the employees and make arrangements to send them home for their safety.

If you work in a restaurant, you want to make sure all equipment is up-to-date. You may be wondering what is the maximum number of hours that food can be held in the food danger zone.

Install a Security Camera System

If your employees are used to staying late working at the office, you should consider installing a security camera system. It will help your employees feel safe and protect them from any potential intruders. However, make sure you inform your employees before installing the security system and disclose the locations of the cameras. Otherwise, they might feel like they are being watched instead of protected.

Have an Access Control System

Company access cards are essential to keep your employees safe at all times. By keeping unauthorized individuals off your premises, your employees will be able to give their undivided attention to their work.

Encourage Employees to Speak Up

Being the boss can sometimes mean that you are unaware of everything that is going on daily. That is why you have to ensure that your employees have access to you or your next-in-line to speak up when they fear for their safety. If one of your employees is worried about the chipped window in his office, they should know that they can share their concerns and also be confident that you will take the necessary actions.

When your employees feel safe at work, they will perform better and eventually increase your company’s chances of success. Furthermore, you will be able to attract the best talents once you develop a reputation for looking after your employees and their well-being. As advised, you should use technology to efficiently keep your employees safe and content.

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