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Everything You Need to Prepare Before Bringing Your New Pup Home



Welcoming a new puppy into your family is a big decision to make. A puppy will soon turn into a big dog, and that dog will stay with you for at least a decade. You should not welcome a puppy into your home if you are not properly prepared. Puppies require a lot of attention and are likely to disrupt and destroy your home for the entire time you have them. But that’s part of their charm!

You must make sure you are properly prepared, and by using this page as a guide, you certainly will be.

CBD for Dogs

When you are welcoming a new puppy into your home, tensions will likely be high on both sides, and by administering your puppy small doses of CBD, you will make their transition into your home a lot easier. CBD is a component of the cannabis plant. Its use has become increasingly popular after studies revealed that it can have relaxing and calmative effects on pets. It is very safe for dogs and is thought to have little to no side-effects. It is naturally hypoallergenic, also, so you need not worry about your dog having a bad reaction to it. It is also good to get your pup used to take medication while at a young age, as when they get bigger, they may resist medication that they may need if you have not conditioned them to think that it is okay.

Metal or Ceramic Bowls

Metal or ceramic food and water bowls are very important. Without this, your dog can neither drink nor eat. The title has emphasized metal or ceramic because plastic is something your dog should never drink or eat out of. Many pet owners are completely unaware of the insidious nature of their plastic bowls, and unfortunately, the bowls are slowly poisoning their dogs one meal at a time.

Plastic bowls leach harmful chemicals into your pups, food, and water, and those chemicals can be carcinogens and cause serious problems for your pup in the long run.

A Dog Bed

Your dog needs a bed, otherwise, he will find himself a bed, and the chances are, that will be your bed. Some pet owners are completely comfortable with their new pup sleeping on their bed, and others are not. The best thing to do while your pup settles in is to give them their own bed. This will enable your pup to feel as if he has his territory in his new home and will allow him to slowly settle into your home. It will also ensure that your pup won’t be bouncing around and jumping all over you in the dead of night. As your dog grows and learns the rules of your home, you can welcome them onto your bed.

Dog Toys

Dogs are very energetic creatures and if that energetic nature is not nurtured, they will quickly sink into melancholy. Dog toys are not expensive, and you can pick them up at more or less any supermarket or home supply store.

A Leash

Your new pup needs a leash. You can expect to be taking your new pup outside at least six times a day while you potty train him or her, and if you do not have a large enough garden, this may mean that you have to take them out into the street. You can also expect to be taking your pup on two walks a day, and one as he or she gets older. A good, well-made, and quality leash is imperative to your dog’s happiness. A poor-quality lead may snap at the wrong time, and you may have to chase your pup down the street weaving in and out of traffic.

A Cage

For a first-time pup owner, a cage is essential. Keeping your pup in a cage for the first few days that he is in your home, especially if there are other pets around, is a great way to both discipline and allow your pup to get used to the sounds and smells of your home. Cages may seem inhumane, but they are not, and they are often the first thing professional dog breeders recommend for an unruly and uncertain pup.

Now you know a few things that you absolutely need when you are bringing your pup home for the first time. Having all of these ready will ensure that your pup can settle into your home easily and calmly, and quickly assimilate to being a member of his or her new family.

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