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Reasons Why You Should Have Your Lawyer on Speed Dial



Having a lawyer on retainer can be very beneficial in times of trouble. The retainer scheme works by you paying your lawyer monthly, almost like a subscription, to cover you in case of any potential legal trouble. The lawyer will then represent you should you find yourself in any of the aforementioned trouble. The retainer scheme is not cheap but is certainly worthwhile.

If you are prone to legal trouble, or just want to be insulated in case of any potentially unforeseen legal issues, then this page is for you; this page will seek to tell you a few reasons why you should have your lawyer on speed dial.

Here they are.

A Car Accident

Car accidents are a very common reason that you may need a lawyer. According to the professional attorneys of, in most car accidents, insurance companies are your main adversary. Should you find yourself the victim of a car accident, an insurance company is too large a foe to go up against yourself, and that is why you must hire a lawyer.

Car accidents can strike unexpectedly, can cause significant personal injury, and can cause huge financial loss. After a car accident, when the dust has settled, get straight on the phone to your lawyer and demand compensation. Get to it.

Personal Injury

You may be walking down a city street, and a loose pavement slab gives way and leads to you hurting yourself – or you may be injured because of an un-signposted hazard. In cases like these, a personal injury lawyer will be your strongest asset. Personal injury lawyers are able, with years of experience, to thoroughly deal with these cases and get you the best compensation that they possibly can.

A Child Support Case

It can be a hard time when two parents separate, and it can be made even harder by a child custody case. If you find yourself separating from your partner, then you must contact a lawyer. If you are misrepresented or underrepresented, then you risk losing rights to see your child – which is why it is absolutely imperative to your relationship with that child that you hire the best attorney you can afford and fight tooth and nail to prevent your children from being taken away from you.

Work Injury

A work injury, similarly to a personal injury, is a common claim made. Making a claim against your employers can be a very difficult thing to do – you may lose your job – you may find yourself out of work. Going up against a longtime employer is something nobody wants to do, but in order to ensure you receive the justice you deserve, you must. Negligent employers should never be allowed to continue to put people’s lives at risk, and if you have evidence your employer has been negligent, then you must report this and see that they are prosecuted, or at the very least, offer compensation.

A Crime

If you have been accused of a crime that you did not commit or has been exaggerated, then a lawyer is the first person you will want to call. There are many wrongful convictions every year, and unfortunately, some of them are never overturned. In order to ensure that you are properly represented, and your justice is returned to you, you must contact a lawyer. It is best to speak to a lawyer before the police interview you, as is your right. A lawyer will be able to advise you on a course of action that will result in you achieving justice for yourself.

Wrongful Death

If a relative has died wrongfully, then a wrongful death suit is something you must consider. A wrongful death lawsuit can be a very traumatizing thing to undergo. You will likely still be reeling from the aftermath of the death of your loved one and will still likely be recovering from its wider implications on your life and your families.

Notwithstanding the emotional stress, it is important you file for a wrongful death suit. These lawsuits often have a fixed amount of time before they can no longer be filed, so the sooner, the better. A professional team of attorneys will be able to completely take over, and you will not be required to have much input. They will hire investigators that can thoroughly check out the death and provide evidence to verify your claims.

A wrongful death lawsuit can result in huge payouts, some exceeding a million dollars. To truly receive justice, not just for you, but for your loved one, contact a wrongful death attorney.

Now you know a few reasons that you may need a lawyer. Hopefully, you never do, but should there ever be any chance you may, then you need only consult this page.

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