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Local Online Game Streamer & Content Creator Talks to Holy City Sinner About His Growing Career



Holy City Sinner (HCS) recently had a chance to interview Dex Badgett, a Summerville resident, who has built an impresive following as an online gaming entertainer and content creator on platforms like YouTube (22.2K subscribers) and Twitch (11.6K followers). You can see our chat below.

HCS: To start, tell me a little bit about yourself

Dex: To start things off I’m Dex Badgett aka DEXB0T in the online gaming and online gaming entertainment world! I was born and raised in the Charleston area, and currently live in Summerville. Overall, I love living here, and everything that Charleston has to offer locals, as well as tourists!

For the gaming side of things, my gaming brand is ‘DEXB0T.’ I’m an online gaming entertainer on YouTube ( and Twitch ( The name ‘DEXB0T’ is a way to build a brand based on my personal name, with an added twist (Dex + Robot = DEXB0T). The zero in DEXB0T doesn’t have any relevancy except for the fact I wanted to be able to register/sign up my online alias on all platforms so using something more unique was more widely available.

Tell me about how you got started in the streaming world.

To take it back a little bit, I have enjoyed playing games since I was young, and have played ever since then. Fast forward many years later – online gaming has become much more of a ‘norm.’ Along with gaming becoming more widely accepted, the newer side of the gaming industry, content creation, and live streaming has began to explode! I started to find out about others creating gaming content on YouTube as well as live streaming their experiences to a popular streaming platform called Twitch TV. After learning about these platforms, I decided to do some research on what I would need to chase my goal of being a gaming entertainer on these platforms (games, equipment, time, etc.). I enjoy gaming. I felt I have the personality to be entertaining while playing them, so I had to give it a shot!

When did you realize you could turn this into a career?

Since learning about how popular the YouTube and Twitch platforms for gaming entertainment are, I knew there was money to be made whether it is a side hobby or a career. Gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the US based on consumer spending (it earns almost as much as the music and movie industry combined). Knowing how big this industry is, gave me insight that I could really make some moves around something that I’m incredibly passionate about.

I’ve always heard the quote: “If you enjoy what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.” I’ll never let that leave the back of my mind when chasing goals. I got the first reality check in 2016 when Activision Publishing (video game publisher in Santa Monica, California) reached out to me about participating in a charity broadcast for the Call of Duty Endowment from the Infinity Ward Studio (Call of Duty developers). At that time I didn’t have the largest following in the Call of Duty scene, and I wasn’t the most popular creator so naturally I asked why they had chosen me and when I heard that a company of that scale believed in my content, enjoyed my positive outlook, and I was extremely marketable — that was real eye opening moment.

What is your ultimate goal?

Overall my ultimate goal would be to establish myself as a gaming-creator that people from all ages will enjoy watching. I’m married. I’m a father. I want to be able to relate to adult gamers, while also not limiting myself because if they trust their kids tuning to my content, that’s more viewership! Being able to reach individuals from all backgrounds, and be a positive influence on their lives by being a mentor, or just a bit of positive content added to their daily routine, would be a win for me.

What advice would you give someone that wants to turn gaming into a career?

I would have to say nowadays it’s more popular than ever for people to desire turning gaming into a career, especially those wanting to pursue the entertainment side with content creation and live streaming, in addition to entertainment there are gamers wanting to be a ‘Professional’ competitive player. Overall you have to find what works for you. Once you find the game(s) you are most interested in, and genuinely passionate about, you can build on that. Being able to genuinely enjoy what you are doing first and foremost is key, because if you aren’t enjoying it, that will be obvious to people who support you. Once you find what you enjoy, work on your brand as a creator/player. Being able to market yourself will be key to potential viewers, supporters, as well as companies looking to partner with you. If you are creating content, be unique. Stand out. Positivity can spread like wildfire, because so many people want to escape from the ‘daily grind’ or ‘real world’ while receiving your content. Quality will always shine through. It will take time, but don’t give up. Growing in this industry resembles a ‘snowball effect,’ so get some momentum, and keep it going!

What is your favorite game to play? 

Choosing one favorite game to play is tough for me, but with everything I cover from the ‘DEXB0T’ brand, it revolves around the entire Call of Duty series! I have been playing the Call of Duty games since I first played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2007. I have played online public matchmaking, as well as other various competitive leagues and online tournaments across these titles. After stepping back from competitive play, and diving into the Content Creation and Entertainment side of Call of Duty has brought tons of fun, new experiences, and new friends to network with online. Call of Duty has a good bit to offer gamers from all different backgrounds and interests!

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If you are interested in learning more about DEXB0T, check out Badgett’s social links below:

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