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Nosh Serves Up Beverage Favorites With Organic Twist



West Ashley Coffee & Smoothie Cafe Doubles As After Hours Wine Bar

By: Jeff Walker, Business Review

Minutes from downtown Charleston, just over the Ashley River Bridge near the welcome mat to West Ashley at 466 Savannah Highway, sits an eclectic beverage and light bite shop with an organic twist, appropriately called Nosh Cafe & Wine Bar. Tucked next to Hylo Fitness, Nosh serves up caffeine specialties, satisfying smoothies, and hand held edibles from 8am-2pm daily, evolving into a unique wine & craft beer bar around 4:30ish Thursday through Saturday.

The brainchild of Madison and Benjamin Dollar, Nosh specializes in liquid refreshments that get you going in the morning, midday, or after work. They offer a wide variety of hot and iced coffees, macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, straight up or a flavored espresso, alongside the occasional herbal teas, all less than you’d pay at the national coffee chain. Want to spice it up, maybe add an organic shot of lavender, or vanilla for just 50 cents. Five to choose from. For the lactose intolerant you can dress your beverage with oat, almond, cashew or coconut milk.

Maybe you like to jump start your day with something more invigorating. Try one of five signature Superfood Lattes, guaranteed to titillate the palette and who knows, maybe increase mental acuity. Among the quintet include the Chai Spice flavored with cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorn, and almond milk. Chocolate lovers might opt for the Cocoa Maca ( Peruvian ginseng) laced with maple cayenne and cashew milk for a little extra kick.

There is no wrong time of the day to enjoy a cool and refreshing smoothie. Nosh can pretty much make any flavor to order, but they do have eight signature blends sure to fit your fancy. A certified nutritionist specializing in holistic wellness, Madison is proud to introduce fruit and veggie concoctions alongside plant based smoothies. The Berry Me screams of luscious blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and bananas, blended with a hint of spinach leaves, flax (herbal seed extract), and peanut butter swirled in almond milk. Healthy and ‘berrilicious’.

The Cinnful smoothie teems with orange and banana in cocoa, almond extract and cashew milk. If you’re going all out green, I suggest dropping by for Nosh’s Daily Dose. Enjoy cucumber, spinach, and celery blended with apple, lemon, and H2O for a zesty yet nutritionally fortified beverage. Want a smoothie that goes down like a shake than order the Brewthie (clever name). A cold brew mixed with cacao, peanut butter, banana, and almond milk. Trust me, it’s a chocolate coffee lovers iced cold treat.

Stressed out from a tough or long day at work! If you work or live downtown, West Ashley, or James Island, do yourself a favor towards the end of the week and drop in Nosh for a soothing glass of wine or refreshing cold beer. Nosh Cafe offer up red, white, and sparkling vinos from Europe and California. For beer lovers they keep several lagers and ales, including local brewers on tap.

While Nosh is not a full blown eatery, they do serve up a few unique handheld bites that compliment alcohol infused beverages. With a little help from EVO Bakery, Nosh present a bevy of signature toasts on enriched grain breads with their own in-house spreads. I’ve sampled four out of five, and they just excite the taste buds, especially the Mediterranean Hummus or the Ricotta Whip complete with fig spread and walnuts. Coming with friends, maybe split a traditional Charcuterie Board (seasoned meats & cheeses). Ideal with a glass of wine.

Madison and Benjamin opened Nosh with a simple and organic mindset, to provide patrons with the three most popular beverages on the planet, coffee, wine, and beer, with kick ass nutritional smoothies as a plus. Served alongside sweet and salty light bites, Nosh is an ideal destination for those seeking a healthy boost to their day.

The decor at Nosh is open and airy, reminiscent of a Scandinavian art museum, with plenty of sunlight glistening over the cafe tables and counter . By preserving the decades old drugstore floor (now glossed over), Nosh is merging the old with the new.  With Hylo as their neighbor, Nosh is ideal for gym members seeking after workout rejuvenation. The exterior of the building has gone through a renovation providing a much more esthetic appeal, with tables on the patio. Madison promises more planters and greenery are in the works.

During the day Nosh welcome those who want to use their comfortable surroundings as a workspace, enjoying their wifi for personal and business endeavors. However they prefer patrons relax during the evening hours with friends, allowing an equitable exchange of customers, who might want to enjoy all Nosh Cafe has to offer, which occasionally celebrates live music some evenings, and awesome burgers partnering with Pub Fare.

Nosh Cafe & Wine Bar is far from pretentious. They live, breathe, and happily serve all with their underlying theme ‘Sip, Chill, Nosh’. Curbside pickup and takeout available. Organic and healthy never tasted this scrumptious. Find them at 466 Savannah Hwy. in West Ashley just a half mile past the round Holiday Inn Riverview. For more on Nosh Cafe visit their site at

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