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Famous Celebrities Who Were Involved in Car Accidents



Rockstars are synonymous with fast cars, alcohol, and drugs. It is no surprise then that this combination often results in disaster. There are many musicians who have fallen victim to car accidents, some recovering, and others not. It is important that you do not look upon reckless driving admirably, because it ruins lives. A car accident can have devastating and lifechanging consequences. There is nothing particularly glamorous about car wrecks, and that is something you must go into this article knowing.

This page will tell you about famous musicians who have been involved in car accidents. Always drive responsibly and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving while intoxicated can have serious consequences for your family and the families of those sharing the roads with you.

What to Do in Case of An Accident?

It is important that you thoroughly read this disclaimer before continuing on with the article. Sometimes, car accidents are unavoidable; being involved in a car accident can be both life-threatening and traumatic. If you find yourself the victim of a car accident and are lucky enough to come out of it alive, then it is very important that you contact a personal injury attorney to prosecute the driver who was at fault.

You should never show mercy nor allow a negligent driver to get away with their wanton mischief. A personal injury attorney will pursue monetary compensation and ensure that the driver at fault does not have the opportunity to hurt you or anyone else again. Allowing a negligent driver to get away with causing an accident allows them to do it again. If you do not ensure they are punished, then they will likely not learn from their mistake and continue to drive both negligently and carelessly.

Here are some famous musicians involved in car accidents.

James Dean

James Dean is a movie legend. He rose to fame in the 1940s and was a contemporary of acting greats like Marlon Brando and Alec Guinness. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding his death, with some fans saying the car in which he died was cursed. Alec Guinness, a British movie star, is reported to have had a premonition and warned Dean that he would be dead the following Thursday. Dean shrugged it off. Seven days later he was dead. Dean collided head-on with another car on Route 466 in California.

Jerry Edmonton

Jerry Edmonton, the drummer for the infamous band Steppenwolf, died in 1993 after a car collision. His car crashed in Santa Ynez, California. He was also, like Dean, pronounced dead on arrival.

Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn, star of the hit television show Jackass, unfortunately, died in 2011 after crashing his Porsche. Dunn was said to be driving around a hundred and thirty miles an hour – Dunn cultivated an image of the immortal stunt performer – which, unfortunately, he was not.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker, star of the Fast and Furious series was the least expected person to fall victim to a fatal car accident. Walker died in 2013. He was the passenger in a car accident; the car was said to be speeding between eighty and ninety miles an hour when it went around a curve and flipped. The car, the driver, and Paul did not make it. Walker is best remembered for his roles in the aforementioned series, where he played a high-speed street racer. The circumstances of his death are both unfortunate and ironic and serve as a message to anybody who thinks speeding is cool.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana, the wife of Prince Charles, future of England, died infamously in 1997. While being chauffeured through Paris and heading through a tunnel her car collided with a pillar and she died, as well as her then-partner, Dodi Fayed. Her death is shrouded in mystery, with many suggesting she was assassinated by the British government.

There are many peculiar circumstances surrounding her death, such as a mysterious motorbike driver said to be the catalyst for the accident who was never apprehended. The death has achieved cult status and she will likely never be forgotten.

Duane Allman

Duane Allman, the guitarist for the Allman Brothers Band, a 1970s folk band, died after his motorcycle collided with a flatbed truck in the 1970s. Allman was one of the most infamous guitarists of his time, and up until four years ago the band still made tributes to him.

Now you know some of the most infamous celebrities to die as a result of car accidents. This page should have sufficiently scared you and warned you of the consequences of reckless driving. Driving carelessly is serious and must never be done.

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