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Having Some Guests Over for a Business Dinner? These 6 Appetizer Ideas Are Bound to Be an Instant Hit



Whether it’s for a meeting, a celebration, or just for fun, having business associates over for dinner can end up a bit more stressful than expected. After all, you’re going to want to impress, but you may not have hours to spend in the kitchen creating an elaborate meal everyone will love. While it’s necessary to have options in case of allergies, the items on this list are sure to be a sensation, and your guests are going to thoroughly enjoy the food.

Salmon Skewers

Even if you’re using Select BBQ Catering Services for the main meal, start off with some appetizers. Salmon skewers are simple to eat, so your guests can enjoy them while they mingle. To create these, you’ll want to grill the salmon on skewers and add a caramel-based glaze once they’re cooked. The caramel glaze adds a little sweetness to the salmon, creating a dish that looks amazing and tastes delicious.

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut is always a hit, whether you purchase it ready-made and heat it up or create it on your own. To add a little something extra, pair the coconut shrimp with a mango sauce. Made from mangos, honey, and cayenne pepper, this sauce is always a hit. It’s easy to make and is going to impress your guests.

Beer Dip

Dips are always a hit at events, but instead of opting for one of the easy mixes at the grocery store, try creating a homemade beer dip. Minimal ingredients mean the beer dip is an inexpensive addition to your appetizers, and the instructions simply say to mix the ingredients together. This is a simple way to add more flavor to the appetizers and is perfect for dipping bread or pretzels.

Salad Kabobs

A Caprese salad is a wonderful start to a meal and is perfect for summer events, but it’s not usually an appetizer since it needs to be eaten from a bowl. Instead, create the Caprese salad and put it on skewers to create a fantastic appetizer that’s much easier to eat while mingling with the guests. Simple ingredients are needed to create a salad that can be eaten on the go.

Bacon-Peach Pinwheels

Prep time for the bacon-peach pinwheels is a little bit longer than the beer dip or salad kabobs, but the extra time in the kitchen is well worth it once you give them a try. Easy to eat, they pack in the flavor and are a great addition to any appetizer spread. You’ll find the bacon-peach pinwheels are a hit, so make extra to avoid the plate being empty.

Parmesan Pastry Spirals

Using frozen puff pastry, milk, parmesan cheese, and black pepper, it’s possible to create a tasty spiral appetizer that’s sure to be a hit for everyone at the event. These do take a little longer to create, but most of that time is spent with the dough cooling down in the freezer. Once they’re done, everyone is going to love how they taste.

Are you planning on having guests over for a business dinner? Instead of going for a full meal with multiple courses, opt for appetizers so everyone can chat before the main dish is ready. Use some of the appetizers here to really impress your guests and ensure they have a fantastic time.

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