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How to apply for long term Disability Insurance? And What All Do You Need To Know?



Accidents can occur at any point in life which can result in short or long term disability making you feel depressed and deprived of the regular way of living. This can be a highly challenging situation to deal with and can cause depression and multiple mental issues. But in the worst-case scenario if you get stuck with such a problem it is strongly advised to keep yourself composed and make clever decisions for yourself and your family.

Long term disability insurance is a lifesaver for many supporting their daily needs and expenses. However, it is essential to provide the insurance company with all the valid details to prove your eligibility to take benefits.

What to keep in mind when applying for long term disability benefits?

There are certain rules and regulations to apply for any sort of request or application. The same is the case with insurance policies you want to opt for. Here are steps to acquire  LDT benefits in the best possible manner to prevent rejections from the service provider.

  • Get an authorized letter from your employer

This application is acquired from the employer supporting your LTD benefits request. Usually, the human resource department of any company is responsible to provide these kinds of forms. In fewer cases, the organizations fail to provide you with supporting material that may hinder the process. In that case, you can take help from online insurance companies or a disability insurance lawyer to provide you with all the valid resources to support your case.


  • Fill and complete employees statement form


This segment of the application asks for all the general details of the applicant such as:

  • Full name
  • Social security number
  • Address
  • Contact
  • Date of birth
  • Education
  • Professional background and history
  • All medical reports and doctor’s certificates
  • And much more

Try to provide all the details asked in this section since it covers most of the personal

information to head-on with your further proceeding to approve your case.


  • Get the definition of your job from employer


There is a portion of the application that is supposed to be filled by your employer. The section will ask all about your job history with questions pertaining to:

  • The joining date
  • Department you are working for.
  • Payscale
  • Last appearance at work
  • Acquired insurance policies and its effective dates
  • Your performance and much more


  • Compile all your medical records


This section of the application has to be filled with a lot of vigilance by your attending doctor since he is the only person who knows everything about your physical and mental condition. The physician will have to fill in the section precisely answering all the questions as asked to make the approval easy.


  • Acquire further documents and statements to support your application 


It is ideal to attach supporting evidence to make your process fast and prove the authentic urge for it. Compile the test reports, pictures, and information of the injury or disease you are suffering from, and other documents to give strength to your request. The added support documents will surely save a lot of time to get the application through.

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