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Why a Land Rover Defender is the Most Practical Car for Charleston



The first land Rover Defender model was made in 1948 and built for the British army. It has been long beloved and remained one of the most popular and coveted SUVs ever since. To find out why this classic car is the perfect vehicle for the streets of Charleston and its surrounding areas, read on!


  • All Terrains 


As one would expect from a vehicle that was built to be used by an army, the Land Rover Defender can handle pretty much any terrain that comes its way. Meaning that, while it will comfortably cruise the streets of downtown, the model is also equipped to hold its own on the trails of Francis Marion National Forest. The decades spent perfecting this classic car makes the land rover model the perfect choice for those looking to have a happy medium between comfortable freeway driving and off-road ability.

This is especially noticeable in the 2020 model which is outfitted with all-wheel drive and locking differentials to provide safety on any terrain. This SUV has high ground clearance, making it able to drive through up to 35.4 inches of water, with an option to automatically raise the vehicle higher if one also has the Terrain Response program.


  • Towing Power 


For those who love to make the most out of the local beaches, swamps, and rivers, the Land Rover Defender makes this all the more possible. With a towing power of 8,201 pounds, drivers are free to attach their boat and head to Folly Beach or the Ashley River for a day of fishing. Many models also come with an inbuilt winch, to make this whole process easier. For those looking at the Land Rover Defender to tow frequently, the 2020 option comes with a remote-control electric winch that can be controlled from anywhere, up to 150 feet away, with a maximum pulling power of 10,000


  • Flexible Seating Arrangements


From the traditional 5 seat layout to an option to flip down the backseat when storage is needed, you have plenty of options, including popping out the sixth seat to eliminate the need for two cars. The defender’s versatile interior can prove invaluable on family trips.


  • A Variety of Different Models 


Whether one is a lover of the classic car or doesn’t quite want to spring for the price of a 2020 model, the Land Rover Defender has been a staple of popular cars for decades, so there’s a lot to choose from when picking a model. While models from the 1990s and 2000s are not challenging to locate, those looking for the rarer vintage models might want to look into using Autoshippers to ship a Land Rover to the USA, as they are more easily found in England.


  • They are Easy to Maintain


All Land Rover Defender models share a simple construction allowing for easy maintenance. Not only does the high ground clearance mean it is unlikely that one will need to jack the car up, but the lack of a plastic trim means makes getting down to the nuts and bolts is quick and straightforward.

The is a reason the Land Rover Defender has retained its classic car title for all these years, with a practical, stylish, and comfortable design, is there anything more perfect for the streets and surrounding areas of Charleston?

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