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Does Your Family Still Not Approve of CBD? Try These 5 Strategies When Discussing It



CBD is the buzzword of the day among health and wellness enthusiasts, but since it has only been legal for a few years, not everyone is familiar with it. Older family members often assume that because it is derived from cannabis plants, CBD must function as a recreational drug. This creates a lot of confusion and pushback from well-meaning but misinformed loved ones.

Those who already use CBD as part of their daily wellness routines shouldn’t have to hide in the shadows. There’s nothing wrong with eating CBD edibles or smoking hemp flowers. Getting family members on board with CBD use is a great way to spread knowledge about this beneficial, plant-based compound. Those who are experiencing a lot of pushback from older family members may want to read on to find out about five effective strategies for discussing their CBD consumption.

  1. Start the Conversation Off on the Right Foot

The best way to start a conversation about using CBD products is to gauge how much knowledge family members already have about CBD and cannabis. Those who are only familiar with marijuana as a psychoactive drug may not even realize that CBD is a therapeutic compound, not a recreational drug. Let them know that CBD is usually extracted from hemp plants, not marijuana plants, and make it clear that it contains little to no THC to assuage their fears.

It’s better to discuss CBD extracts like edibles or topical products when introducing the idea of CBD than it is to start with a discussion of smokable CBD or vape oils. For an idea of what products are out there, visit Once family members seem comfortable with discussing topical products and understand that CBD and THC are very different compounds, it should be safe to start talking about the benefits of taking it internally.

  1. Do Some Homework

Even those who have been using CBD oil or other CBD products for years should brush up on their knowledge before attempting to win over family members. Being able to produce accurate information about CBD’s legal status, its benefits, its applications, and how it acts on the body and brain makes it much easier to convince hesitant family members that they should approve of CBD use or even try it themselves.

When seeking out sources of information, keep family members’ personal and political preferences in mind. CBD has become so popular in recent years that it’s easy to find not just difficult-to-digest scientific articles, but also popular news stories and even celebrity endorsements of CBD. These sources can seem more accessible depending on family members’ lifestyle and political preferences.

  1. Anticipate Questions

Anyone who has never heard of CBD or has heard of it but hasn’t taken the time to research it will have questions about what it is and how it works. Anticipating questions and coming up with well-informed responses in advance can make it easier for consumers who want to share their passion for CBD with others to get them on-board. Here are a few common questions almost everyone will ask to get them started.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a natural compound derived from cannabis plants. Many consumers use it to support wellness, manage stress, and make it easier to get a good night’s sleep, and it can also be found in many high-end skincare products. Focus on the fact that CBD is a therapeutic agent, not a psychoactive drug.

Don’t People Use Cannabis to Get High?

While some consumers ingest marijuana to get high, CBD is usually derived from hemp plants. It contains little to no THC, so it doesn’t produce any unwanted psychoactive effects.

How Does It Work?

CBD works by interacting with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining a state of homeostasis in the body. It can be applied topically, ingested orally, or inhaled.

Is It Legal?

CBD products derived from hemp and produced by licensed manufacturers are legal in all 50 states and have been since 2018. CBD is no longer considered a controlled substance, so it’s not regulated by the U.S. government. For instance, Pennsylvania CBD laws allow CBD oil products as long as they meet certain parameters. For example, the maximum THC content of a product is 0.3%. Meanwhile, New Jersey, a few miles away, has made cannabis use completely legal.

  1. Be Prepared for Uncertainty

It often takes several conversations to get through to people who aren’t familiar with CBD, so don’t assume that family members will be on board as soon as they are introduced to it. Most people who aren’t familiar with CBD need time to process the new information they’ve learned and research its benefits and drawbacks for themselves. Over time, even those who are doubtful at first tend to come around.

Sometimes, conversations about CBD use go much smoother than consumers think they will. If they broach the subject in a relatable way, family members may even be interested in using CBD themselves, so it’s also wise to be prepared for unexpected enthusiasm. Have some resources available to point those who respond positively in the right direction just in case.

  1. Share Personal Stories

If things seem to be going well, try sharing some personal stories of CBD use. Talk about how it feels, personal experiences of its benefits, and different ways of using CBD products. Hearing someone close to them talk about their personal experiences with CBD can change some older family members’ minds and open them up to the possibility that CBD could help them, too.

The Bottom Line

While the stigma surrounding CBD use has been reduced substantially in recent years, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the beneficial plant-based compound, and not everyone is comfortable with it. Most of the time, family members who don’t approve of CBD just need to be introduced to accurate information about how it works, what it does, and how safe it is. More often than not, after a few conversations, even formerly hesitant family members will be singing a different tune and asking their loved ones where they can buy CBD-infused products. Get educated, be patient, try to find common ground, and relate to the person instead of being pushy.

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