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Are Hemp Buds Legal in the USA?



Hemp buds are produced by the hemp plant, which is a cousin plant to marijuana. The two plants are closely related with both of them and classified to be of the cannabis sativa family. The difference is that hemp has high CBD content while marijuana is rich in THC, a psychoactive compound that gives its users a euphoric effect. Due to this close relationship, you can find yourself questioning the legality of hemp buds in the USA.

Several states in the USA have passed laws that govern the production and selling of hemp. These laws were passed after studies on hemp revealed how beneficial hemp products were. The universal discrimination of hemp diminished after its true value was realized.

After the knowledge about the benefits of hemp was out there, legislators from various states have started coming up with legislation that manages the production and selling of hemp. In this article, we discuss the legality of the production, selling, and buying of hemp buds in the USA.

Hemp legality in the USA

Historically both hemp and marijuana have been perceived as outlawed crops. Both plants produce THC, though it is in higher quantities in the marijuana plant. THC can cause mental aberration if consumed in large quantities. Federal laws strictly prohibited the use of hemp and marijuana because both of the plants are of the cannabis family. In the early 1920s, laws were passed prohibiting the use of hemp even in textile production.

For a long time now, hemp has been considered as a drug until recently when people started viewing hemp in a different way. Hemp can be beneficial in various ways ranging from biofuels, textile, and paper products to CBD production with the latter being the major benefit. You can shop for quality hemp-based products here at Cannaflower. What’s more is that you get great deals including wholesale CBD.

Because of the multiple benefits arising from hemp production, in 2018, US president Donald Trump signed a farm bill that not only legalizes industrial hemp production but also gives financial aid to farmers. This bill allows farmers to produce hemp without fear of convictions or penalties as long as they follow the set stipulations.

What are the stipulations?

As noted above, hemp comes from the cannabis family. This means that it contains THC, and as such, its production must be managed. Therefore, there are measures that have been put in place that must be met before you are legally allowed to produce and sell hemp in the USA. One of these requirements is that the THC content in industrial hemp must be 0.3% or below.

Effective labelling is another stipulation that must be met though the requirements vary in different states. For instance, Utah requires all CBD products to have codes placed on the labels to indicate that they are legal. In Indiana, all products containing CBD must be labelled in detail.

There have been research claims saying that CBD products can cure certain ailments. The FDA has not approved any of these claims, and as a result, CBD companies are strictly prohibited from making such claims. It should not appear anywhere in the labels that CBD cures or prevents a certain medical condition.


The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production, buying, and selling of hemp. People can now freely buy and use hemp without fear of breaking any laws. However, it is important to read and understand laws in your state that govern the production and use of hemp so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

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