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7 Compelling Reasons Why People Are Switching to CBD Topicals on a Massive Scale



CBD comes in multiple forms, and users must determine which form works best for their needs and the condition being treated. For countless users, topical CBD products provide the most relief. Why is this the case, what are the benefits of different CBD topicals, and when should they be used? What conditions respond well to topical products as opposed to pills, extracts, and vape liquids?

Right to the Source

One reason countless individuals rely on topical CBD products is they reach the source of the problem. Skin conditions, chronic pain, and other problems that occur in a localized area respond well to topical treatments, and the CBD works faster, as it doesn’t pass through the digestive system before reaching the area in need of relief. Individuals interested in learning more about topical hemp products need to look at scientific literature along with reports from current users to determine if this treatment option is right for them. Madical Marijuana, Inc. looked into promising research on topical CBD and cannabis back in April 2016. The team found topically applying cannabinoids allows for fast and more focused relief.

Arthritis Relief

Most studies involving topical CBD products look at animals as opposed to humans. Researchers from the University of Kentucky published the results of a study they conducted. The results were released in July 2016 in the European Journal of Pain and covered a successful study conducted at the university involving rats and CBD topical product use for arthritis symptom relief. To test the effectiveness of topical treatments, the researchers induced arthritis in the knee joints of the rodents to study CBD’s impact on mobility and pain reduction.

The researchers found transdermal CBD gel reduced joint swelling in the rats by a significant amount. Furthermore, researchers stated it appeared the rats experienced less pain based on the positioning of their joints. They found it didn’t appear the CBD brought about many side effects, a concern of quite a few researching these products. This is one of several studies being conducted regarding CBD’s impact on various types of inflammation.

No Mental Effects

Topical formulations that make use of psychoactive cannabis have no effect on the mind. Rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream, the formulation binds to CB2 receptors located near the skin. This activates the endocannabinoid system while leaving the mental facilities of the user unaffected. This is of concern to many who are concerned about the psychoactive effects of marijuana. They want relief without getting high, and topical products allow them to achieve this goal.

Individuals find CBD remains well tolerated even when a person consumes a large dose. Studies show that most side effects seen with CBD are actually the result of an interaction with another drug the person is currently using. The temporary side effects seen with THC aren’t present when CBD is used. Furthermore, long-term negative psychiatric effects have been reported with high THC use, especially when an adolescent is consuming large amounts of this substance. The THC’s effect on the brain of a teen is more profound, and its use boosts the risk of certain psychiatric conditions, including schizophrenia.

Desired Relief

Patients who have used CBD topical products often state it is the only thing that has helped them get relief from their condition. Dr. Ranga Krishna works as a Brooklyn neurologist and states he likes topical products for a variety of reasons. He states the patient can easily measure the product in terms of its ingredient composition and the topical offers a higher level of bioavailability when compared to oral uptake cannabis products. They don’t move through the liver before offering relief.

When a product must move through the liver before reaching the desired area, it tends to lose some of its potency due to the first-pass effect. The liver works to remove substances harmful to the body and this dilutes the effects of cannabis. This issue is eliminated when topical products are used because they don’t go through the liver before providing the desired level of relief.


CBD serves as an antioxidant and safeguards the skin from free radicals found in smoke, environmental pollutants, UV rays, and more. The free radicals bring about wrinkles and fine lines that make a person look older, and the antioxidants in the CBD protect the skin from this type of damage while allowing the person to look and feel younger. Furthermore, the skin contains cannabinoid receptors and the CBD interacts with these receptors to promote healing and homeostasis. Research shows CBD helps with multiple skin conditions, including eczema and acne.

Hair Growth

Individuals suffering from alopecia find they benefit from the use of hemp oil as it contains omega-6 fatty acids that regulate the inflammation present with this disorder. This could help to stimulate the growth of new hair, which is why many individuals who find their hair is thinning turn to this product as well. New hair growth may be seen in only six weeks when the CBD oil is massaged into the scalp. This boosts blood circulation to the hair cells while providing them with additional oxygen. The oil reaches the area which is affected and binds to the receptors that are connected to nerves responsible for transmitting signals to the brain. The brain then activates anti-inflammatory systems to slow the loss of hair and encourage new growth.

Safe to Use

CBD is considered a low allergen which means most people can use it without the worry of a reaction. Some individuals do report minor skin irritation but that’s the worst side effect. However, pregnant women should speak to their doctor before using this or any product to ensure it will not harm the developing fetus All other users should do a skin test before using the product to make certain they don’t experience any problems.

When purchasing a CBD product, research the supplier and the manufacturer. Only purchase from those with a proven track record to ensure the anticipated benefits are seen. The topical products benefit those suffering from soreness after a workout, those wanting better skin, and individuals with chronic pain. Try them today to see how they can improve your life.

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