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CBD edibles are probably one of the most fun and exciting ways to enjoy CBD. Rather than measuring out CBD oil tinctures or adding a CBD capsule to your daily routine, why not instead work a tasty, healthy CBD snack into your diet?

The CBD edible industry is continuously growing, with more new and innovative ways to enjoy CBD than ever before. From CBD-infused coffee to help you kickstart your day to CBD chocolate, there is a CBD solution for every time of day.

So, where can you find tasty CBD edibles in the UK? Let’s take a look?


Provacan has taken CBD edibles to the next level with its CBD lozenges, made using their famous full-spectrum CBD formula. All of Provacan’s lozenges contain 2mg of CBD derived from organically grown hemp plants.

By using hemp plants, Provacan can ensure that all of its CBD lozenges are packed with a healthy range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Provacan uses a sugar free recipe, which means all of the sweetness and delicious flavor that you experience with these lozenges comes from natural, healthy flavorings.

There are four flavor options to choose from when shopping for Provacan CBD lozenges, including blackcurrant, orange, and peppermint. There is also a smoothing honey and lemon option for those times when you need a little pick-me-up.

Provacan CBD lozenges are an excellent option for anyone who needs a small dose of CBD that they can take discreetly and quickly throughout the day.


There is simply no better place to buy CBD edibles than CBDfx if you are someone who enjoys snacking on CBD gummies throughout the day. CBDfx has all of the traditional CBD gummies that you would expect, including gummy bears, but also have some more specialized gummies such as biotin hair and nail gummies.

All of CBDfx’s gummies are made using a combination of hemp extract and cannabinoids designed to provide you with a rich and powerful cannabinoid and terpene profile. CBDfx uses organic, GMO-free ingredients and never uses artificial sweeteners, resulting in both a healthy and delicious treat.

Derived from organically grown hemp plants, CBDfx gummies contain broad-spectrum CBD that ensures you can enjoy all the benefits without having to worry about unknowingly consuming THC.

Each tub of CBDfx gummies contains 300mg of their rich broad-spectrum CBD divided equally between 60 gummies. To make taking your favorite CBD gummies with you wherever you go even more comfortable, CBDfx also sells its gummies in smaller packs that are perfect for keeping in your pocket.


Alongside its CBD gummies, Somnio has a number of unique ways that you can work a tasty dose of CBD into your diet. Somnio’s CBD chocolate and CBD honey sticks provide simple yet effective ways to snack on CBD.

Somnio’s decadent chocolate is the perfect alternative to regular chocolate, giving you an excuse to enjoy chocolate completely guilt-free. With each pack of chocolate containing 100mg of full-spectrum CBD, each flat piece of chocolate offers a rich blend of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

Somnio’s CBD chocolate is available in two different flavor options; dark chocolate with almonds and milk chocolate and honeycomb.

Customers can also snack on CBD infused honey sticks. These are a fantastic alternative to chewing gum throughout the day. Simply chew on a stick while enjoying the sweet flavor and a healthy dose of CBD. Made using organic honey and high grade CBD, each stick contains 10mg of THC-free cannabinoids.

Somnio also has two different CBD gummy options: A 300mg jar of vegan gummies and a larger 600mg jar of regular gummies. Both gummy options contain gummies that have been infused with 10mg of CBD per piece.

Evo Coffee

What better, more productive way to start your day off on a positive note than with a steaming hot mug of CBD infused coffee? Evo Coffee uses Tanzanian Arabica coffee beans and its popular full-spectrum CBD extract to bring you a rich and tasty filter coffee that you can enjoy from your very own kitchen.

Evo Coffee sources all of its CBD from EU farms in order to ensure consistently high quality and potency. CBD is used to infuse each individual bean before being processed into an easy to prepare filter coffee for you to enjoy.

Customers can choose different weight options to suit their coffee drinking needs so that you never have to worry about completely running out of your favorite coffee.

Evo Coffee also has a range of decaffeinated CBD coffee options so that you can enjoy a tasty mug of coffee and the benefits of CBD at any time of day.

All of Evo Coffee’s products are guaranteed to be gluten-free, vegan friendly, and 100% natural.

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