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9 Realistic Work Perks Employees Will Love



What are work perks? Work perks include all the non-wage benefits organizations offer employees. Such benefits include paid time off and health insurance, among others, provided by the employer. Some benefits are a mandate by the federal state government. However, some companies choose to offer benefits that are not part of the state law mandate. As an employee, you can also negotiate for benefits once you start a new job. Providing work perks can benefit employees and companies in various ways. In this article, we are going to look at nine realistic work perks employees will appreciate. They are:

1. Flexible Schedule

A flexible working schedule is one of the most desired perks by employees. People nowadays have a lot to do. To balance professional and personal responsibility, like family duties and education, employees seek a flexible work schedule from employers. It is essential for workers who have infants to look after. A flexible schedule involves time off from the office to work from home. With this perk, employees can juggle various responsibilities. Before you grant this perk to employees, you need to ensure they demonstrate trust and promise a higher work engagement while still working from home.

2. Commuter Services

Employees spend so much time and money commuting. Some have to cover miles before they get to their places of work. Think of the number of money employees can save in a year if you offered commuter services. Catering for their transport needs is an excellent way to boost their morale, which in turn reflects in productivity. When we talk about providing commuter services, we don’t imply you meet all the costs involved; you can reach them halfway. You can also plan to have a neutral center to pick employees to work every morning, or during some working days.

3. Beverages and Snacks

Providing beverages and snacks is a superb way to motivate employees. Though it sounds like a costly thing to do, it may cost you much by not providing drinks and snacks to workers. By having coffee and beverage makers in your office break room, you can get employees to appreciate this benefit by reciprocating when it comes to delivering quality work. If you have no idea about the right equipment for your break room, you can visit for appealing ideas. Seeking the help of dealers in break room appliances can help in creating a paradise-like space for your employees. These experts allow you to have access to the best selection for equipment, coffee supplies, and other needs.

4. Naps

It may sound like none of the employer’s business, but organizations should understand that workers have so much on their table. Some don’t even get enough sleep at their homes. A significant percentage of adults hardly sleep at night. Insomnia can cost your business in lost productivity. Therefore, allowing employees to take naps would be best for the sake of your business. Providing a space where workers can take a thirty to one-hour nap can enhance their job performance, which benefits the company.

5. Child Care Assistance

Some parents have to carry their kids to the office since they don’t have caretakers in their homes. For this reason, providing childcare services is an essential work perk that can benefit employees significantly. Children in the workplace can cause disruption sometimes. So, doing anything to alleviate this burden from such employees is a valuable step. It could also be the only way a working parent can get assistance with children. Sometimes parents earn less that won’t allow them to pay for child care. So, such services could be of great help.

6. Gym Membership

The typical working hours for the average employee are eight to ten hours, and spending these hours on a desk can be demanding. Each day at the office can leave you drained, both mentally and physically. When you are commuting daily, it can be hard for you to get time to work out. By the time you get home in the evening, you can’t have time to exercise. You will always find yourself procrastinating. If you are in this situation, you yearn for the days when your employer will grant your gym membership. It can be the most appreciated office perk for employees.

7. Discounts

Depending on your operation, access to the company’s products or services at a discounted fee can be one of the most exciting work perks. This practice can make workers feel included and valued. Employee discounts are also essential in aiding the office development process. It can also help product managers improve products and services by getting the first feedback about the commodities from friends. These feedbacks also help correct mistakes and determine when to launch a product to the market,

8. Development Plans

Employee development plans are some work perks that improve an employer-employee relationship. Companies need to engage in a mutual relationship with workers. The connection should focus on the development of both parties. Nowadays, people only work for a few years to gain the experience necessary for starting their own business. This fact implies that lifetime employment is no longer possible. What does this mean? Well, it shows that any company should be responsible for both the professional and personal growth of employees during their working period in your company.

9. Retirement Plan

Financial security is a vital benefit to employees. A significant percentage of workers don’t get retirement benefits from their organizations. Most of the employees switch jobs, often looking for this particular work perk.  During these times of financial uncertainty, it would help to be at peace of mind knowing that you have a retirement plan. Workers get stressed when they are not sure about their retirement benefits. Having retirement plans for employees enables them to retire comfortably.

Most of the reputable companies are successful because of the numerous perks they offer to employees. The work perks in this article are some benefits employees enjoy from such companies. However, you don’t need to offer every single one on the list. It would be best if you settled for what your organization can afford. You also don’t have to break a bank for employees; you can find cheaper benefits for your workers.

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