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When in the Balkans: Popular Destinations to Visit



The Balkan countries are quite popular, not just because you can enter those countries without a visa, but because of their famous tourist destinations that you can visit during. If you have seen the pictures, then you already know that the Balkan countries have a wealth of natural beauty that is worth seeing almost any time of the year. In addition to the enchanting views of nature, mountains, historic sights, and coastlines, you will meet various people with different ethnicities, experience their hospitality, and have access to multiple tokens, which you can buy to remind you of your time there. So, if you’re planning to go on a European vacation, make sure to visit these locations when you’re there.

Albanian Riviera, Albania

If you want your first destination to be a magnificent coastline, then visiting the 150-km long coast of Albania should be your way to go. Make sure to pack your camera along with you, as you will enjoy taking pictures of the picturesque coastline, along with the cliffs that you can see between Sarandë town and Vlorë town. You can also explore the different historic villages around the area. The most spectacular village to visit is the Himare, as there is a castle, or the ruin of one, which has a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. So, you can spend your time visiting these locations and spend time on the beaches. You can either stay in a hotel (you’ll find a couple of them around the area) or you can set out a tent on a campground to enjoy these secluded areas.

Niš, Serbia

Niš is Serbia’s third-largest city and it has a wealth of locations that it has been historically recognized as the gateway to the east. On top of that, you will find fortifications scattered around when you roam the center of the city, you can enjoy going to popular outdoor cafes, and go to festivals, which are hosted by the citizens all year-round. However, in order for you to move around the city, the Serbian-speaking folks at recommend that you learn at least how to ask for directions before your travel to Serbia in the native language. If you want to take your knowledge to the next level, you can learn other useful phrases before you travel there, like how to order food and say thank you. If you’re planning on staying there for a longer period of time, then learning the Serbian language should be your goal, but don’t worry, as you’ll find yourself learning how to speak Serbian the more you interact with the citizens.

North Macedonia, Balkan Peninsula

Macedonia is one of the best places you can go to in the Balkans. It has attractive beauty, a number of scenic locations, and a rich history that dates back to the Ottoman empire. You will always find remnants of the ottoman empire around the country, which makes it attractive for people interested in that particular period. The capital is also a place where modern locales and ancient ruins coexist together, so wandering around Skopje is really a unique experience. Macedonia also has a rich culinary history, where you’ll find dishes similar to the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Italian dishes. If you choose to dine there, you’ll find various, mouth-watering dishes like traditional moussaka and stuffed peppers.

Rijeka, Croatia

This is the southern part of Dubrovnik has an intrinsic beauty to it, which attracts tourists from all around the world. The fact that it was the location where Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing was filmed means that you’ll find hundreds of tourists roaming the streets to get a glimpse of Westeros in real life, though Rijeka is less crowded than the rest of Dubrovnik. The Italian and Austrian influence is apparent, which you can notice upon visiting the outdoor cafes on Korzo, the main boulevard of Rijeka. You can also enjoy the magnificent view of the city with a clear view of the Rječina river up from the hilltop Trsat Castle.

Maramures, Romania

Maramures should be on your list whenever you’re touring the Balkans. Famous for its impressive green nature, multiple wooden architectures that you’ll find dotting the area, and marvelous forests. Going on a tour for Maramures for a few days can tell you a lot about its rich history if you’re interested. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a ride on the steam train to visit more scenic locations.

Whichever locations you choose to visit, the Balkans has a rich and ancient past that is interesting to study, breath-taking locales and destinations that the avid tourists make sure to visit more than once, and warm hospitality offered by the local people there. Even if you visit only a handful of locations, you surely will be impacted by the diverse culture of the Balkans.

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