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The Best Movies You Can Watch With Your Dad



If you are not old enough to be playing online casino games with your dad and win with bestusacasinosites online casino, then movies might just be your only way out. Father’s day may have been over, but why don’t you get to celebrate the most important man in your life every day?

Therefore, this article is going to be giving you the best movies to show you the importance of fathers. The best part is that you can get to enjoy them with your dad too.

What a Girl Wants

This 2003 movie will make you appreciate your father’s presence even more. What a Girl Wants shows the lengths to which a daughter can go to secure her relationship with her father. This includes, running away from home, trespassing and changing her personality.

Daddy’s Home

Being a step dad can be difficult. But, this 2015 movie is there to show that it can be even harder if there is a prodigal father trying to win back the love of his children. Get to see as these two parties try to come together for the good of the children with many futile attempts.


Liam Neeson shows you a little snippet of the lengths that a father can go to protect their child.  Taken is a movies about a father trying to get back his kidnapped daughter? And, he won’t stop at anything even it involves killing the whole world. This movie is worth watching, you can take a break from playing online casino games and watch it.

The Lion King

Even animals value their little ones. The 2019 Beyoncé version made a lot of noise. But, the whole concept of family is also brought out in this movie. After the death of his father, Simba the Lion tries to find himself and protect his kingdom from his evil uncle.

Daddy Day Care

This movie is there for the stay at home dads. After losing his much need source of income, Eddy Murphy plays a man who starts a day care service for a living. But, it ends up being more than a business after he ends up growing fond of his students.

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