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Discreet Methods of Self Defense You Need To Consider When Moving To A New Neighbourhood



When you move to a new place, it is common to worry about the security of the area. You need to know your neighbors, the safe routes to get to your home at night, the emergency phone numbers, and the availability of police escort. Walking home alone in a new neighborhood may feel uneasy.

What would you do in case you were attacked? Do you have real self-defense skills? It is advisable to have a personal defense plan no matter who you are. Most people cannot protect themselves in case of an attack, and few people have attended a self-defense course where realistic self-defense tactics and techniques are taught.

In case of an attack, you should focus on the attacker’s vulnerable places such as the eyes, throat, groin, and nose. Aim all the moves and blows to these areas. Do not aim at the knees and chest as you can end up hurting your hands. Your voice will come in handy when you attack. Be loud to create attention in case someone is nearby and to intimidate the attacker. Here are some self-defense skills to help you maneuver your new neighborhood.

1. Keychains

Self-defense keychains are non-lethal and legal protective solutions that are sold in different shapes, models, and colors. These personal safety gadgets are discreet and portable. Depending on the model, the keychains can be used to whip or strike with the keys. Their small size will require you to be in very close contact with the attacker. This is not a very good idea, especially if you have no defense training.

Your car keys are an excellent way to protect yourself. Avoid using fingernails as you may get hurt or injure your hands. If you feel uneasy when walking alone at night, stick the car keys from the side of the hand, ready for a hammer strike.

2. Pepper spray

It is a cheap and effective self-defense method. Pepper spray is non-lethal but can drop the attacker to the ground, giving you a chance to escape. For the spray to be effective, it has to contact the attacker’s eyes or skin. Most pepper spray can emit to a range of 10 feet. According to this website, most ladies prefer carrying a paper spray as opposed to a gun for self-defense.

Nowadays, there are paper spray guns, which is a non-lethal alternative to a real gun. They are designed like a pistol and are easy to use. The pepper spray gun can shoot up to 20 feet, and it contains more pepper fluid. If you need to intimidate your attacker with a non-lethal gun, a spray gun is your best choice.

3. Tactical Flashlight

The simplicity of this flashlight can fool you. A quality flashlight can concentrate their field of light into a very bright beam that can temporarily blind an attacker, giving you enough time to escape. Tactical flashlights are durable and sturdy. They can collect the DNA sample of the intruder.

Tactical flashlights can work during the day and at night as well. Since they are not considered as weapons, they can be carried anywhere, even on planes. They are small and easy to carry around.

4. Tactical Whip

The whip can be used in a short time notice, and it allows you to strike the opponent at a fantastic speed at a safe distance. The attacker won’t know what hit him until he’s in the ground. A tactical whip can be used for self-defense against humans and animals. It is easy to use as it requires less power and strength; even a child can do severe damage to it.

5. Tasers

It is a type of electroshock weapon that can be fired up to 30 feet away. The shock can be used at a distance, so you don’t have to be close to the attacker. The taser fires probes connected to wires, which penetrates the opponent’s clothes and skin. The probes release an electric current that drops the aggressor to the floor, giving you time to escape. A taser has four shots only before it is reset. In most cases, the attacker is not always at an explicit range for you to fire. Therefore, the shots come in handy.

Strange self-defense methods still work, and maybe even better because most of them are discreet, and no one sees the counter-attack coming. When you move to a new place, you should be cautious when using the ATM, using public transportation, walking on the streets, driving, and when in the elevator. Always carry a self-defense gadget when leaving the house.

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