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Things to Consider Before Buying a Campervan



Van life is the ideal life that many people today would like to live. The process starts with acquiring a campervan in which you will pack your items and be on the go. With a campervan, you can travel to all your dream destinations and enjoy the adventures that come with it. To make the first successful step into van life, you will have to understand what it takes to acquire the right van for your needs. In this article, we discuss the factors you will need to consider before making a campervan purchase.

1. Prices and Simplicity

Any person that owns a campervan will tell you that you should keep it simple when acquiring your first campervan. You are encouraged to keep it simple because there are several additions and touch-ups that you can do for your van in the future, but you will not know the exact needs when making your first purchase. You should start with the cheapest, simplest van you can find and convert it into what you want and like. In the future, you can buy a more expensive van that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can rent a campervan that has the features you suspect you will like before deciding which one you want most. Remember that van life is meant to be simpler than the ideal house life, so minimalism is vital.

2. What Will the Van Be Used for?

Many people believe that their van should be able to carry everything they need as they set off on their new journeys. However, a more practical approach would mean leaving some things behind. For instance, you may find that carrying your bike with you may prove to be hectic and unnecessary. The van life is supposed to be uncluttered and should give you a chance to connect with nature. Before taking off, look out for a van living blog because it will provide you with an idea of what would be necessary for you to have the most comfortable van travel experience. Once you figure out what will be in your van, you will be in a better position to think of the layout that will work best for you. Only then will you be able to buy the right van. There are campervans with a home-like build, snowmobiling, or for mountain biking features, and which one you choose will depend on your needs.

3. The People Who Will Be Sleeping There

This advice is essential, especially for people who will not be alone when they start the van life. For a single person, figuring out a sleeping arrangement is not difficult. However, for many people, you will need to figure out the layout which you would like to sleep in as you try to find the right van for you and your family. You need to consider your height, especially if you plan to sleep in the sideways layout. You might need flared-off sides for extra comfort. If there is a child involved, you may need a bench seat that will serve as an extra sleeping space.

4. Bathroom or Not

The issue of whether to have a bathroom or not while traveling is a common debate among van life enthusiasts. Some people would not even consider traveling with a bathroom while others prefer taking bathrooms with them. If you decide that you want a bathroom, consider the type of bathroom you want. Some people prefer a fully built bathroom with a toilet and shower while others prefer a portable toilet. Remember, there are numerous options so you can choose without having to worry about any limitations. You can incorporate your creativity as well to come up with the best solution for you or your family.

5. What Kind Of Van Will You Need?

As there are different types of camper vans, your choice can depend on your needs, the time you have, your ability to customize, and preferences. The DIY masters are those that can be converted into vans by the campers. Cargo kings are those that are customized into camper vans by outfitters. Later, these vans are sold to campers. Lastly, there are ready to cruise campervans that have been manufactured by companies for specific types of campers. Some people prefer to customize a van by themselves while others trust the workmanship of the manufacturer and prefer ready to cruise vans.

Deciding to buy a campervan is the first decision that will lead you down the road of adventure. However, you should consider the factors highlighted above so that you can choose a van that is comfortable for you and meets all your needs.

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