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Preventative Measures Every Religious Facility Should Put Into Place When Pandemic Strikes



Religious ceremonies are often the high point of our year, from Christmas to Easter, and everything in-between, and all-over religious denominations and sects and their respective ceremonies. For religious ceremonies, it is almost unquestionable that you should attend your local religious hall, whether it be a church, synagogue, or mosque; but, in times of global pandemic, it can be difficult to know exactly where to go or how to act, and as thus, religious facilities are obliged to put their halls into special measure to circumvent the spread of a virus or infection, or whatever may be causing the pandemic. Here are some ways for your local religious facility to stay open throughout a global pandemic without causing an increase in cases or deaths.

Employ Industrial Cleaners

Perhaps the simplest and easiest way to prevent transmission of a virus or infection during a time of pandemic is to have your halls cleaned industrially daily, or twice daily. It can be expensive having everything deep cleaned but in times of religious ceremony you must be able to communicate with your God. In these unprecedented times, mosques were closed for Eid globally; however, in Iran, thanks to professional industrial cleaners, the mosques were able to remain open on Eid day and the transmission saw no significant rises. It can be difficult to find a professional industrial cleaner at a low cost, the professionals of are one such firm, and there are many others similar. Industrial cleaning however will only work during a global pandemic to prevent the spread of infection if common courtesy and basic hygiene is employed by the goers of the aforesaid ceremony. If the congregation excerpts no safety guidelines and does not act accordingly with government regulations’ then there will be no decline in the cases of infection.

Industrial cleaners will often use harsh chemicals to clean surfaces, so for your religious hall, be it an ancient cathedral or a 16th century mosque, make sure that you employ the most professional team who use the least harshest chemicals so they do not damage the interior of your religious hall. Harsh chemicals can have a seriously detrimental effect on your building and can certainly make it lose its charm after years and years of use wearing away at the walls and windows which nobody wants.

Hand Sanitizer at The Doors

Having hand sanitizer stations at the doors is another great way to reduce the rate of infection. Hand sanitizer is very inexpensive and can be used as much as is necessary to reduce the transmission rate of a virus. If you give every member of the clergy a hand sanitizer after they enter they can use it as much as they want and will be able to seriously bring down the risk of transmission through touching one another’s hands and items inside your religious hall. Never neglect the importance of hand sanitizer in a time of pandemic.

Wear Gloves and Masks

Perhaps even better than employing the use of hand sanitizer is using rubber gloves. Rubber gloves will ensure that no harmful germs or bacteria can be transmitted through your skin because there will not be a direct contact from skin to skin, thereby eliminating the risk of it being transmitted through sweat. Rubber gloves can be bought at bulk very inexpensively and can be given to every single member of your participating clergy, therefore allowing maximum safety, and ensuring there is no risk of transmission, meaning those attending your ceremony will be safe and risk free.

In combination with gloves, masks can be brilliant. Using masks is a sure-fire way to prevent the spread of infection as often the fastest way for germs and virus particles to be spread is through sneezing or coughing; if your airways are restricted with a mask it will be impossible for the aforesaid bacteria and virus particles to be released into the air stream. By doing this you guarantee the virus cannot be transmitted, and as said, in combination with gloves it ensures this, as people will not be able to sneeze into their hands and thereby will be unable to transmit a virus to anybody and if they are contagious or do have it cannot spread it to anybody.

In times of pandemic it is easy to panic and act irrationally, worrying that everybody is transmitting the virus and then it can be easy to turn yourself into a virtual hermit, never leaving your home and afraid of the smallest cough or sneeze.

While in a global pandemic it can be harrowing and these certainly are unprecedented times, you should keep your head about you and remember if your immune system is in good shape you will likely be fine, but always be cautious of course.

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