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How to Make the Perfect Dessert this Summer



Summer, the magical time of water fights and giggling children, is finally here, and do you know what this means? It is time to learn some new desserts that you can whip up in a few minutes! The best thing about summer desserts is that they usually rely on fruits and do not require an oven, which makes them a great choice if you do not have enough time to make something fancy. Whether you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or learn a new sweet dish to impress your family, our list has something for everyone. So, give the below recipes a try.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Before you scroll past this part thinking that this is one of those complex cheesecake recipes, take a minute to appreciate that it is a no-bake one! As mentioned before, summer is certainly not the time to try recipes that need an oven since using one can make your home stifling hot. Luckily, this no-bake recipe is here to satisfy your cheesecake craving. To make it, you need a pack of biscuits, 350ml of heavy cream, 600g of cream cheese, 100g of melted butter, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, powdered sugar (according to your liking), and some fresh strawberries of course. Start with putting the biscuits and butter in the food processor to create the crust. Then, mix all the other ingredients, except for the strawberries, to get the cheese mix. Finally, pour the mix over the crust in a springform container and refrigerate it for at least two hours till it sets. You can then take it out and put the strawberries on top.

Ice Cream

Ah, ice cream—the perfect Summer treat. Both kids and adults alike adore ice cream, and there is nothing stopping you from making it from scratch. Instead of buying it from the supermarket, how about learning to make it in the comfort of your own home? The ingredients of ice cream include 150ml of milk, 300ml of cream, 3 eggs, 100g of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. The dedicated reviewers from Dream Scoops also recommend getting an ice cream machine to make the process a bit easier and faster. First, mix the milk and cream and simmer over low heat. You must then whisk the eggs and sugar and add them to the milk and cream mix. Do not forget to add the vanilla extract and stir till the liquid thickens. Bring out your ice cream machine and pour the mixture. After you freeze the ice cream, you can drizzle some chocolate sauce on top or add any fruit you like.

Neapolitan Trifle

If you like easy recipes, then this summer twist on trifle will strike your fancy. You need 350g of chocolate swiss rolls, 400g of strawberries, 300g of raspberries, 450ml of custard, a pack of strawberry jelly, and 250ml of whipping cream. Get a deep bowl, cut the chocolate swiss rolls into big pieces to create the base layer of the trifle, and add the raspberries and custard on top of it. Put the bowl in the fridge, and puree the strawberries, making sure that you take out the seeds. Then, prep the jelly to add it to the puree, but make sure not to refrigerate it to maintain its liquid state. Lastly, whip the cream to pour it into the strawberry puree/jelly mix. You can now take out the bowl and add the mix. To add an extra kick to the trifle, you can put some sprinkles on top.

Ice Cream Floats

Ice cream floats doubles as a dessert and a refreshing drink. What is great about them is that they can be customized to your liking, adding the ice cream flavor and drinks of your choice. For a boozy version of ice cream floats, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a milkshake glass and top it with a shot of bourbon. Next, add some cherry cola and whipped cream. To make your ice cream float and look extra fancy, pop a few candied (glacé) cherries on top. Also, you can have a kids’ version of this recipe by forgoing the bourbon. Do not hesitate to experiment with different carbonated and alcoholic drinks to find your favorite mix.

Who says that desserts are hard to make? Summer desserts, in particular, are very fun and easy to make. Whether you are a sucker for cheesecakes, ice cream, or trifles, you can try any of the above recipes and see which you like best. Unless you have a strong arm, invest in a good blender, a food processor, and an ice cream machine to ensure you get the most delicious result. Also, include your kids and other family members in the process, as cooking can be a great opportunity to bond and spend quality time with one another.

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