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How to Write a Stellar Interview Essay Paper



Interview essay is a comparably new form of an academic paper, and it provokes too many questions among students. We have collected the most common ones which may help you to deal with this paper at the highest level of quality. Obviously, even the assignments of the same type require a different approach based on your level of education, discipline you study, and specific requirements of your professor. However, the major principles stay the same, and it is good to know and follow them. Let’s start with the questions! Imagine that you are already interviewing us, and we are answering using our expertise as a handbook.

What is an interview essay paper?

The goal of the interview essay paper is to show a particular topic from a variety of angles. Not only your opinion is important here, about their opinions of other people who can provide valuable insights on the matter. The best kind of paper requires research and analytical skills. You also have to know how to speak over the different people and make them share something deep and meaningful related to the topic you research.

Where should I start writing it?

First, you need to define the topic of that paper and start doing research. When looking for the topic, don’t try to choose the simplest one or just the first one that comes to your mind. Interview essay paper is not a simple essay and will take some time. That is why you would like to work with the topic that means something for you. Choosing a topic to think about the sides to eat can be analyzed. If the topic is too shallow, there won’t be interesting sides, and all the people you talked with well tell the same story.

Should I do research first?

It is a mistake to think that you can skip the research part by writing an interview essay paper. Many students make this mistake and start poking with interviewees without proper preparation. You have to do research first, otherwise, you will have significant problems with writing proper deep questions and adding follow-up questions. You also want people with whom you talk to see you as an equal, and for that, you need to show that you have an in-depth understanding of the topic.

How to prepare valid questions for the interview?

After you are done with the first part of the research, you will not have problems with questions for That interview. If you’ve chosen a correct topic that is truly interesting for you, you will write so many questions that you will have to cut some of them in order to fit into the plan of the interview – what is really important here as to write follow-up questions for every question. Follow-up questions are aimed to dig deeper into the interviewee’s answer. Of course, you cannot know right now what they will answer, but you can think about the direction of their answers and prepared follow-up questions. Yes, some of your questions will just stay in your notes, you won’t receive answers to them. Don’t get discouraged. It happens to all the journalists out there.

What if I get stuck?

It is normal to get stuck, especially when you have to deal with her new assignment, with a new assignment as complex as an interview essay paper. There are several options. You can address your professor for help, but it highly depends on thу year of your education and your professor himself. You can ask your peers for help, but you should remember they are also not professional in writing these papers. You can find a reliable writing service like WriteMyPaperHub and address their essay writers paying someone with expert skills and send them your “write my paper for me cheap” request. The choice is yours, just make sure you submit your paper before thе required deadline.

How long should the interview take?

Everything depends on how many questions you have and how talkative your interviewee is. Remember that you need to analyze all those answers later, so try to keep it short. Professional journalists say that it takes approximately an hour for the interviewee to answer 15 questions. You can use this approximate count to understand how much time your questions will take. It is a good idea not to ask more than three questions.

When should I contact the interviewee?

It is wise to contact your interviewees when just starting doing research. It is important to give people that choice of date and time, and let them postpone your interview a bit. If you start contacting people after you’ve prepared all the questions, you may find it hard to squeeze all the interviews into several days and analyze them properly before the deadline. Don’t forget that having many quotations from other people requires more time for formatting and citing.

How to analyze interviews?

There are many ways to analyze that interview, and most probably, they are all described in your course textbook. We recommend starting with finding similarities and differences between people’s answers and Define what side people take most often. Other than that, the analysis depends on the purpose of your paper and the requirements given by your professor.

For sure, this assignment is not easy, first of all, because it requires too many steps to complete. You cannot just do research, pick the arguments, and explain them in your paper. You need to find one or several interviewees, research the topic, come up with the list of questions, lead the interview, summarize it. It is a difficult task, but once you are done with it, you will feel like a real journalist, we guarantee that. The ability to cope with such advanced tasks will help you if you decide to lead your own blog, invite experts to comment, etc. It is another level of essay writing, and we wish you all the luck with it.

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