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8 Helpful Tips In Finding Great Deals Online



Online shopping has made lives easier and more comfortable in purchasing pieces of stuff online. Going through traffic, managing busy schedules, and visiting every shop to compare prices This traditional way of going to a physical shop is quite exhausting and time-consuming. So people prefer online shopping now. It allows us to purchase anytime and anywhere they are. Online shopping has also allowed the purchase of items from another country without you having to travel to that place. Another great thing about online shopping is the endless discounts that the merchants offer. Here are some ways to spot these discounts:

Check for Eligible Electronic Coupon

Anyone likes the idea of saving money while doing online shopping. In some ways, online shopping is very much similar to purchasing at a local shop. Online sellers, also attract or reward their customers with online discount coupons for some items, free shipping coupons, discounted rate for a second item, and many other promotional discounts. These coupons are usually available on their website, social media, blogs, or coupon listing websites like SeePromoCode. For you to find the best deals, you can install some mobile applications or a plugin in your browser to search for the best deals for a certain product. Make sure to consider this as an online shopping strategy before you hit the checkout button.Y ou can also find exclusive discount codes for Lazada, Shoppee, Grab and many others on Malaysia’s Deal Community – Saleduck.

Sign Up for Reward Programs

Some online merchants build their loyal shoppers by offering reward programs to keep their customers returning to their online shop. Some of these programs would give additional discounts to customers who are willing to sign up for promotional emails and receive marketing newsletters, or just sending a response to a customer satisfaction survey. Once you have responded to these, you can be granted for freebies like free freight for your next purchase, or give you 50% off on a second item purchase. Often, if you provide your email or information, they send you sale items, or schedules first before advertising through online platforms. Some online retailers also offer point-value systems for every purchase and when you reach certain points an equivalent product may be given to you at a discounted price or as free. Earning more points gives you a chance of becoming a VIP customer, too. They can offer you exclusive gifts as their token of appreciation once you become a loyal member.

Watch for Rebate Sites

Another way to reward their customers, online merchants are being endorsed by dedicated rebate sites. To keep customers visiting the links to these sites, they split up commissions among customers and the portal sites that direct visitor traffic to online shop links. Rebates can range from 2-20% of your purchase depending on the merchant and the rebate site. The more rebate sites you visit, you can compare the rewards and see where you can get the best deal for a product that you want to purchase.

Use Credit Cards Accepted by Online Sellers

Most of the big online sellers accept credit card payment transactions, and for every transaction, they offer points or rewards. Some deals that they offer are exclusive to credit card holders like discounts, cashback, or payday sale exclusives.

Take Your Time

Shopping online is a competitive activity, so merchants are trying to come up with different ways to get to customers. There are days when they offer flash deals, and these are the days you should watch out for. You need to have a little patience, you can add an item to your cart and check it after 3 or 5 days because it might have been offered at a discounted price. Sometimes, retailers online offer coupons with a validity period so you can have the time to think about spending it for something that you would want to get.

The ‘Walk Away’ Strategy

This is one way of making an online shop go after you. Some of them would monitor customer shopping carts and if they see that a product looks abandoned by you, they send you discount offers by giving you notifications on your mobile phone or sending you an email.

Subscribe and Accept Newsletters

Most often than not, online merchants give their customers good impressions by giving them vouchers for signing up for their e-commerce mobile app or offering free shipping for first-time app users. Once they get your information, their newsletters or promos are regularly emailed to. If you want to take these discounts, make sure to read your email and check out the latest offers that they give to the customers.

Use Cashback Apps

You might have heard about cashback mobile applications. These are reinvented rewards programs and are mostly used apps to save on money while you are shopping online. With the cashback app, you can use it to purchase items online by transferring it to your online wallet in the merchant’s app.

Be a diligent online shopper, make comparisons, and choose the best deals and you can save on your shopping budget even without the holiday season yet.

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