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What Is Content Marketing – Discussing Its Importance In Today’s Age



If you are running a business of your own, then you cannot avoid marketing it online. Digital marketing is the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to promoting a brand. If you do not want to use all types of digital marketing methods then forget getting a vast reach of your brand from the venture. So, what are the various digital marketing methods?

Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Phone Advertising etc.

Though all forms of marketing are quite effective, one amongst the lot has brought in the most commotion in the digital world. A recent study said that out of all the different styles, content marketing has the most assured return on investment. But, what exactly is content marketing and how is it any different from what people are already applying? Let’s explore.

What is the textbook definition of Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a creation of a piece of content which is uploaded online to generate sales leads. It includes contents like blog posts, podcasts, videos, digital ad posters, social media and the like. The content created must be similar to your business, so that the education that they are getting from you can be applied to purchase your product or service itself. The content uploaded stays on the internet forever so you keep getting traffic from it, on a regular basis. It is also the best form of digital marketing as it also channelises both SEO and Social Media Marketing.

What type of content do you need to create?

All the digital marketing or content marketing techniques are entirely different from the traditional marketing methods like signages, billboards, flyers etc. It is more dynamic in nature because of the constant upgradation in the digital world. It includes videos on various platforms, social media posts, digital advertisements and many more.

Initially, the basic idea behind creating an attractive content was to pull in the most traffic in an organic way. But as the concept started developing, more businesses started using it to establish their brand presence. Brand establishment requires proper planning which is called a content marketing strategy.  The very first step of the strategy is to select the platforms you want to put your content in. Platform or channel decides the number of views one will get for their content. And with every different channel comes the struggles of creating different types of content. One can discuss, choose or assess between short form content or long form content, video content or graphic content. For short form and long form content you need professional content/copywriters who can write well researched, authentic and pleasing content to bring in more readers. For videos and graphics you would need professional editors and designers for the best results. You can also try with a few free video maker and graphic designing tools at the start of the business to cut the cost.

How is Content Marketing done?

Content Marketing is not so much about the brand or the product/service as it is about the audiences or viewers. The marketing manager must be well aware of their audience’s demographic before creating the content. The right lingo used for a certain target group goes a long way. A content marketing guide on ways to build up a successful marketing strategy might help you understand better.

Content marketing has a few sketched out rules that if followed will give you best returns.

  • Firstly, one must identify the top most content for your industry. Whether it’s written content, video, audio or still, choose the most viewed and start investing on it.
  • Secondly, give more importance to quality over quantity. What requires for your content to be on top of the search engine is how well put it is. For that you would also need to collaborate with the best creators which is also the third point.
  • Authoritative creators are bound to give you original content that will lead the race. So, hunt for the best creators and churn out the best out of them for better results.
  • Longer posts perform better. The only reason why blog posts are still so popular even though videos have been overpowering them by the day, is because people still love to read a well written blog or article. Try to maintain the crowd by serving them a well brilliant, absorbing and engaging writeups
  • Finally, make sure to post something on a regular basis. The more post the merrier. Marketing only works when a user keeps encountering newer content at a short interval. The more they see your good work, the more they are compelled to follow your brand.

Content marketing is a very difficult process. It takes years of practise and a lot of experience on the subject to pull it off successfully. Follow the above pointers as a content marketing guide to know the nitty gritties of the trade.

Content marketing is used by almost 90% of the businesses today. Companies have put up all kinds and types of content online. Any content that is remotely related to a product or service is out there and is generating traffic like no other. People use the internet for the smallest of queries today. Use that inquisitive nature of humans to your advantage. Put up as much unique content as you can that an internet user must be looking for. The key is to showcase your brand very subtly somewhere in the end once you are done putting out the information that a user must be looking for. If you can turn a potential customer into a permanent one due to content marketing then consider the battle partially won.

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