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How to Give Your Cat a Luxurious Life



The life of a cat seems like an envious one. They sleep all day, lounge in the sun, play when they feel like it, and get petted by their owners at will. All in all it does sound like a cat is living the dream, and for the most part, they kind of are – at least compared to us. However, there is a lot you can do to make your cat’s life a little easier at home.

Using these tips you can help find ways to improve some of your amenities in your home to make your cats’ time spent indoors that much better. Both for their leisure and their health.

Better Nutrition Choices

Nutrition usually makes people think of food only, but for this instance it means their water situation too. Giving cats a better eating schedule can help improve their energy levels throughout the day instead of eating one big meal and crashing, much like a human. Similarly, make sure your cat’s food matches their lifestyle and age to better suit them. More nutrients and vitamins in food for your senior cats will benefit them more than extra protein, something which is more useful for younger cats. You can also add a water fountain for your cat to give them access to water when you are not around. Something they will gladly appreciate.

Improvements to Their Play Abilities

Cats love to run around, jump on or in things, and generally explore. Even when inside they find a way to turn any area into an adventurous play place. Your home might be comfortable for them, but it also might be lacking a lot of potential for them to get their energy out and play. By adding play structures like cat towers or adding elevated surfaces you can allow them to enjoy and play more instead of just being confined to napping or running around the floor. Plus, this gets them into areas where you will not have to always worry about them walking between your legs while you are walking around. Or, of course, you could always just let them play in the unused box from something you bought.

Sleeping Arrangements

We like to sleep just as much as cats. Well, maybe not just as much, but it is still important for our mental and physical function to get a good rest. Cats need it because they burn so much energy by leaping, bounding, and running around so much. For such small creatures they do need their 8 hours of sleep and then some. With that in mind, you should consider how luxurious their sleeping arrangements are. Adding softer bedding can make their lives that much better and it is such a simple fix that can improve their lives. You should also think about how comfortable your bed is for you, and how this can help your cat – and the couch too!

Natural Lighting

Not only do cats like to sleep, but they like to nap as well. Napping is an essential part of their day and no one can nap like a cat can, hence why the common phrase, “cat nap” is named after them. What makes a nap so good? Well, one way is definitely natural lighting. Having that little bit of warmth from the sun can improve your napping situation. This one is not as easy as the other options because it would either require some serious renovations or some smart interior design techniques but it is possible with some clever ideas. One way to improve natural lighting is of course opening the blinds or curtains to actually let the light in but you can also use thin white cotton curtains to keep some privacy but allow a soft light to come in. Mirrors are surprisingly a good trick to open up a room in terms of space and allow light to bounce around and fill the room up as well. All of these are smaller tricks to give you and your cat some much needed natural lighting to enjoy some sun and some napping.

Cats are not as complex of a creature as people like to think. They can be temperamental and a little crazy sometimes, but they really just want a nice luxurious life just like we do. These tips can help give them a comfortable and enjoyable life that they deserve with some very minor changes on your part. From food to interior design choices, your cats can get the best out of life with a little help from you.

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