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5 Reasons Why You Are Never Too Old To Take Up Archery



With age, often comes a certain amount of limitation in regards to physical activity. With every passing year, one grows tired more quickly than was previously the case, and it becomes harder to remain limber and nimble. However, many individuals mistakenly feel that natural aging excludes them from taking on new and exciting activities, and this often includes archery.

The truth is, this simply is not the case. On the contrary, the sport of archery knows no age, and anyone, with the will to learn, can typically find success. If you still find yourself questioning whether or not your age is a limiting factor in regards to giving archery a try, let us prove to you that there is no cause for concern.

The following are just a few of the many reasons that you should jump at the chance to get involved in archery, no matter your age.

Bows For All Ages

Many newcomers to the sport of archery automatically assume that a substantial amount of upper body strength is required to draw a bow. While this might have been true at one point in time, this does not apply today. In recent years, a number of highly adjustable compound bows have been released onto the market, allowing virtually anyone to get involved.

Many of these bows can be adjusted to ten pounds or less in draw weight, which negates age or strength as limiting circumstances when determining whether or not to take up archery. The draw weights associated with these bows can also be easily increased at a later date, if you wish.

Patience Is A Virtue

Archery is as much mental as it is physical in nature. To be mentally capable of finding success when shooting a bow, you must possess some degree of patience. You must be slow to agitate, and willing to accept the ups and downs that are so prominent in archery. Not every day will be a good day of practice, but performance droughts never last, and the road to success is not short.

In this regard, those that have aged to a point are likely better equipped mentally to take archery’s challenges in stride. Patience is a virtue that, for most, increases with age. As the years pass, different perspectives on the events of the day are gained, which allows one to keep their composure under pressure. This composure, in turn, leads to quick growth as an archer.

Learning Is No Issue Of Age

It is also quite common to hear an individual claim that he or she is “too old to learn how to shoot a bow.” This statement simply has no merit. The thought that anyone is unable to learn the sport of archery because they lack the mental capacity to do so is false. Learning to shoot a bow at any age is no different than learning how to complete any other repetitive task.

While a certain level of thought does go into archery, success is very much a form of muscle memory, and being able to duplicate the use of proper form, from one shot to the next. Like learning to ride a bike, once you learn to shoot a bow, you never truly forget. Once you have been shown how to properly shoot a bow, consistency yields accuracy.

Archery Groups For All Ages

A number of people get into the sport of archery for the social interaction that it provides with fellow archers. This leaves many who are past a particular age to feel as if they will have no one else in the same age group to interact or shoot with. This, in fact, is simply not true. Archers of all ages take to the range for practice, and to the woods to hunt regularly.

In reality, many forms of archery competition have age-based divisions, and archery clubs and groups exist for all age ranges, even seniors. A quick search of the internet will assist you in finding such groups in your area. Additionally, a trip to your local archery shop is also a wonderful way to find others of a similar age that share in your archery interests.

Archery Offers Health Benefits

We are all aware of the value associated with staying physically active as you age. Even an hour or two of physical activity a week can drastically reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. So if you plan to remain active as a means of retaining your health, why not have fun while doing so? This is precisely the opportunity that is offered to those who take up archery.

Shooting a bow regularly is an excellent way to remain physically fit. The physical exertion that takes place when drawing a bow and walking to retrieve your arrows, burns fat-producing calories. Taking part in the sport of archery also tones your muscles, and keeps your mind and cognitive mental ability sharp.

Age Is Just A Number

If you are intrigued by the thought of getting involved in archery, but feel that your age will hamper you in your ability to do so, think again. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the sport of archery is that it excludes no one. From 5 to 105 years old, archery is universal in nature. This, perhaps, has never been as true as it is today.

The prominence of today’s new, highly adjustable bows, has effectively eliminated any physical barriers that once stopped those over a certain age of taking part in the sport. Additionally, the ever-growing popularity of archery has given rise to a number of age specific groups and clubs, providing even the eldest of archers with the support and camaraderie needed to find success.

Remember, age is just a number, and archery is for everyone. No matter your age, or range of physical ability, jump headfirst into the sport of archery. You will soon find yourself spending every waking moment with a bow in hand.

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