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Why 2020 Should Be The Year You Upgrade Your Smartphone



Has it been a while since the last time you upgraded your smartphone? Do you find yourself looking forlornly at your device and wondering when it will perform like the speedy, spry fox it used to be? The sad truth is that this will probably never happen. While it’s certainly possible to squeeze just a little more life out of your beloved phone, in the end it’s going to pack up and fail to perform like you want it to, and that’s OK. When you start noticing serious slowdown and your phone starts coughing up glitches, that’s when it might be time to upgrade. Here’s why 2020 should be the year in which you upgrade your smartphone.

Websites are getting more complex

Each year, the websites you visit are getting more complex and richly-designed. As such, you owe it to yourself – and to them, to a certain extent – to visit them on a device that’s designed to cope with them. Whether you’re heading over to the Novibet casino to throw a few dice or play some roulette or you’re checking out some browser gaming, having a strong flagship device that can handle a little strain on its processor and its RAM is definitely a priority. The more browsing you do, the more you need a device that can handle your browsing habits, and a budget device just won’t cut the mustard when it comes to that particular activity.

There are some blazing fast options available

Whether it’s Apple’s latest incredible flagship or Samsung’s monstrously powerful Galaxy S20, there’s never been a better time to pick up a new flagship device. This year’s phones are, as you might imagine, the most powerful options that have ever been available to consumers on the market, so think about availing yourself of that power if your phone isn’t looking too hot. Trust us when we say it isn’t really worth investing in a budget phone if you’ve got the money for a major flagship; the price may look enticing initially, but it won’t be long before you have to replace that device, whereas the flagship will be with you for years.

More and more apps are essential

Budget devices and older smartphones don’t have a huge amount of internal memory for you to fill up with apps, files, and other oddments. The Golden Age of Apps may have ended some time ago, but there are more and more excellent must-have apps for both platforms that will see your device filling up super-quickly. Flagship devices don’t just have amazing internal capacity in and of themselves, but they also frequently feature micro SD slots for expanding your storage. Granted, budget devices often do as well, but only some SD cards will run apps, so that slot is mainly for music, pictures, and other files. Get a flagship device if you have a lot of apps and other things to store.

Everyone needs a fast phone right now

While the coronavirus pandemic isn’t going to last forever, it’s definitely going to be with us for the foreseeable future in some form or another. As such, everyone’s relying much more on their mobile devices and their computers than they used to. It’s more important than it ever has been to have a fast smartphone that can handle a lot of tasks in quick succession. Before the pandemic, if your phone wasn’t up to the task, you could always organise a meeting in person and deal with whatever business you had in that way. It’s not that simple any more, however, so having a phone that will serve as a constant companion is crucial.

You can future-proof your device

Buying a new phone every year or two is no way to manage your finances and it’s no way to keep on top of the technology game. This year’s major flagship phone is very likely to be sustainable for another few years in the future. Futureproofing has been called a myth, and there’s some truth to that; no matter what piece of technology you buy, it’s never technically going to outlast new components because your phone will eventually degrade. With that said, you’re doing yourself a favour by buying more modern and advanced devices because you’ll still be using them in a year or two, whereas a budget device will likely die quicker.

It just feels nicer

It’s incredibly frustrating to be rocking a slow phone. Everything stutters and hiccups; you can’t load any app or webpage without your phone slowing down or potentially even crashing. There’s no substitute for having a device that simply works every time you power it on, so if you don’t buy a decent phone for any other reason besides having a nicer phone in your hand, that’s still a fine reason indeed. When you use a major flagship device and then use a budget phone, the difference will feel like night and day, and you’ll find it almost impossible to go back to a budget phone that lags and struggles with basic day-to-day tasks.

These are some of the reasons we think 2020 will be the year when you upgrade your smartphone. If you’re on the fence and you know you have the financial bed to back you up, we think you should just go for it; you’ll feel the difference immediately!

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