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4 External Building Issues and How to Fix Them



The exterior of a building is the first thing people notice about it. It serves to capture attention and attract clients or make a bold statement. Even the most well-constructed buildings will have external issues occasionally. In this article, I will provide four common external building issues.

It also helps to know how to fix them. The following are the issues:

Wall Cracks

If your building wall has cracks, it is not only an external aesthetic issue but also a functional one. Cracks are dangerous because they lead to water entry and subsequently water damage to the building.

Cracks in a building’s wall are very difficult to diagnose due to their size. A visual inspection is often all that is needed to find cracks.  It may require a professional with specialized equipment from to find some of the leaks. When there are too many cracks, it can lead to flooding of the building. If it interferes with electrical circuits, the damage can be even more devastating.

The good news is that it is easy to fix a crack in a wall once you diagnose it. The key is to tackle the problem at the source. If you can fix the cracks using concrete or another filler material the problem should disappear. However, if the cracks were caused by another reason such as an earthquake, you may need to take extra protective measures.

Paint Problems

The paint on the exterior of your building is one of the main elements of its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, when the paint is ruined, your building looks old and defaced. The paint may be a general paint layer that covers the entire or part of the building. It could also affect artwork on the exterior of the building. Paint problems may affect either of the above cases. Paint problems may also mean a reaction with the surface on which it was painted. A chemical reaction may cause the paint to fall off or turn into a colour you do not want.

The most common reason for paint failures is inadequate surface preparation. It can lead to peeling, blistering, and staining of the paint. Therefore, the solution in most cases is to prepare the surface to be painted adequately and then repaint the surface once more. The paint should stick nicely to the surface. It may also mean a change of the surface on which to paint. If your house has a hardboard exterior, it may be time to change to a different type of wood.

Using a different type of paint may rectify a paint problem with a building. The different types of paint include enamel paint, emulsion paint, cement paint, bituminous paint, aluminum paint, anti-corrosive paint, and oil paints among others.

Roof Issues

The roof is one of the main protective parts of a building. Without a good roof, you cannot inhabit a building. A roof failure, therefore, is a serious problem needing urgent attention. There are many types of roof issues that can be fixed.

One of the roof issues you can find is holes in the roof which lead to leaking. A leaking roof is debilitating to the integrity of a building and its contents. You can replace the roof panels on a leaking roof. You can also decide to repair it by welding or joining other pieces to seal the holes.

Roof issues can also include the formation of ice dams or water pools on the roof which slowly damages it. Such an issue has to do with the incline of the roof which is causing the water not to flow correctly. You can either change the incline of the roof or add gutters to help with water flow.

Window Issues

Building windows serve several purposes. One of them is ventilation even though a building has an HVAC system. Windows are also used to light a room which can significantly affect energy expenditure.

There are many issues that can affect windows including cracks and breakage. If a window cracks or breaks, replacing the window is often the solution. Windows can also have improper placement which impedes them from serving their function of ventilation and lighting. It may be that there is another position from which they can better serve this purpose. In such a case, replacement is the best solution. On the other hand, it can be very cumbersome as it involves making a hole in another wall and covering up another.

The above are some of the most prevalent external building issues you will find. Most have simple solutions but it is not that easy to implement them. Some solutions require significant sums of money. But if you want to make your building look the best, they will be worth the expenditure.


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