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How To Plan A Vegas Trip Without Leaving The House



The coronavirus pandemic has us all sitting in our homes with nothing to do. While that’s far from the worst thing about a virus that has claimed many lives around the globe, there’s no denying that it’s a negative side effect of everyone staying at home. Everything that was once a concrete plan for 2020 has gone up in smoke, and that includes holidays and vacations. Las Vegas is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, so even if you weren’t planning to go there this year, there’s a good chance it was on your bucket list. Here’s how you can plan your very own Las Vegas trip without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Visit a casino site and play some games

What is a Las Vegas trip without taking a flutter in a casino? Since you can’t leave the house to visit a real-life gambling facility, you should settle in and play some online casino games to simulate your Vegas trip. A great online casino will offer all of the same facilities and casino games as a brick-and-mortar establishment, but without some of the other drawbacks that physical casinos unfortunately bring. You can make your own drinks and serve your own food, eliminating the need to pay the occasionally overpriced Vegas prices for refreshments. You also don’t need to worry about other people; the only ones who’ll be gambling alongside you are family members or friends you already like.

Make your own cocktails

Vegas is famous for its cocktails. Nothing quite beats sitting at a bar, watching the high rollers win round after round of roulette or poker and sipping a cable car martini. Well, with a little know-how and some perseverance, you can make your very own cocktails at home, and at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for cocktails in Vegas. You don’t need to do any of the showy, flashy stuff that gets bartenders in Vegas renowned, but if you can learn to do it then that’s a plus. Start with easier cocktails and work your way up to the difficult stuff. As with anything, you may think you want to begin at the top, but you need to get the basics down before moving on to advanced cocktails.

Watch a casino-themed movie

Nothing gets you in the mood for travelling to Las Vegas – even virtually – more than watching a good casino-themed movie. Perhaps the strongest casino movie ever made is the 2006 James Bond soft reboot Casino Royale. Starring a lean Daniel Craig as a Bond with everything to prove and Mads Mikkelsen as his smug foil, Casino Royale also features plenty of casino action to whet your appetite. If you’re not in the mood for Bond, you could also try the 1995 crime epic Casino, directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese. Robert de Niro is in incendiary form as usual, with supporting players Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci giving it their all.

Get some sun in your garden (if you have one)

Social distancing rules are being slightly relaxed around the UK right now. That means that you can see your family and friends at a safe distance if you’re outdoors. You don’t need a garden to sit out and sunbathe, but if you do have one, you might be able to maintain a little more control over who’s sitting close to you and what you do while you’re out there. It starts getting sunny in Vegas around early-to-mid March, so honour the occasion in style by sunbathing just as you would if you were staying at a swanky Las Vegas hotel. If you’re feeling particularly Nevada, you could even take a pack of cards outside. Just be sure to sanitise them before and after you play.

Make yourself an exotic meal

We should all be cooking for ourselves more. Home-cooked food tends to be healthier than store-bought alternatives; at the very least, you’ll know exactly what ingredients you’re putting into your food, so you won’t be caught out by any nasty additives or preservatives. Vegas is also known for its excellent cuisine, so making your own meal is a great way to pay tribute to the crown jewel city of the Sagebrush State. We recommend that you start by crafting some famous Vegas honey toast, then move on to the Japanese favourite that is miso ramen. Vegas is a truly cosmopolitan city and attracts folks from all walks of life, so your food choices should reflect that!

Listen to some classy music

The golden age of Las Vegas is often associated with glitzy, glamorous acts like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. While those artists aren’t really around much anymore, you can pay tribute to the classic era of Vegas by listening to some Sinatra, some Dean Martin, or some Elvis Presley. “Viva Las Vegas” is an obvious place to start, but high roller songs like “Things Are Looking Up” or AC/DC’s “Sin City” should also be on your Vegas playlist. There are plenty of playlists on streaming services that offer the chance to listen to music themed around gambling and Vegas, so find your favourite one and fire it up. Before long, you’ll be in the Vegas spirit without even leaving your home.

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