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Charleston MAGA Boat Parade



Last weekend, hundreds of voters took to the Charleston harbor to show their support to President Donald Trump during the MAGA boat parade. By mid-morning, the boat landing was fully packed, and by noon, they started their routes around the battery with their flags flying high.

Hosted by OSR Marine, the boat parade was organized online, and the route published on Facebook. The event attracted over 700 participants who signed up for attendance, with over 1000 people showing interest. According to one of the event participants, the MAGA boat parade was an awesome experience, with people coming from all over the state to watch it. Some people even came from other states.

While thousands of Trump supporters were happy about the parade, not everyone was enthusiastic about the idea. Local activist William Hamilton urged the democrats to do community service last weekend instead of protest. He also voiced concerns over the lack of social distancing measures during the boat parade.

According to Hamilton, it was inappropriate to see that someone thought of hosting a party at a time when about 1000 Americans are dying daily, with 40 million more out of work. Fortunately, leading US online casinos are still running and helping betting fans make the best out of a bad situation. You can check out some of the available bonuses and reviews at

In terms of security, there was a huge law enforcement presence during the boat parade. The Charleston police department, the US coast guard, and the department of natural resources kept patrolling both on land and at sea, guaranteeing the security of the attendants.

According to the United States Coast Guard and Mount Pleasant Police officials, there were no rescues from the harbor unit. However, they did assist one person whose boat lost power while taking on water around the harbor, but no emergency rescues were called in.

While the event’s main aim was to show support for the President and celebrate his achievements, Trump spent his weekend golfing and mocking Joe Biden. The President also touted his administration’s response to the ongoing health threat in the country.

The Maga Boat parade was able to happen as South Carolina has largely lifted lockdown procedures more than any other state in the country. It was a big weekend for most people who attended, though there were clear scenes of people interacting at a close distance without any masks on.

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