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Best Sports to Play While Social Distancing



Times have changed, and we continue to adapt day by day. Chances are if wrestling or another high-contact sport was your go-to, you’re going to have to sit on the sidelines for the time being. Instead of avoiding sports altogether, you can exchange your old hobby for one that’s a little more socially-distant. We’ve gone through some of the best sports to play this summer and beyond until things return a little bit closer to normal.

Hitting the Green

Let’s face it, for most of us, the last few months have been incredibly stressful. Isolation, unemployment, and anxiety have taken their toll on even the most worry-free individuals. What’s more relaxing than a round of golf in warm sunny weather? Fresh air and the game of golf itself offer therapeutic benefits like decreased depression, anxiety, and stress-relief. It’s also a great way to socialize while staying socially distant. Staggered tee times means no one is on top of one another, and most safety guidelines are followed just by virtue of golf being golf.

Most golf courses have remained open or are opening back up with a few simple regulations in place. Generally, no golf carts are used, or carts are limited to 1 person. High traffic areas are sanitized regularly, and visitors and staff are screened upon arrival. Gloves are also used when handling any flags.

Picking up a Racquet

Tennis is a sport that is socially distant by design with each player on their side of a net. If you’re playing with family members, sharing the same ball isn’t a problem. If you’re up against a friend outside of your household, simply wearing gloves and going for singles and not doubles can prevent the spread of germs. In addition, wiping down racquets, water bottles, balls, and any other high-touch items after use can sanitize any germs that were passed around. Most importantly, avoid touching your face before, during, and after any match.

Cycling, Running, and Jogging

Any sort of solo outdoor exercise is important during these times not only to stay safe, but to get out of the house, take in a little sunshine, and avoid being sedentary, especially when you’re working from home. In any of these solo ventures, there’s no contact. If  you’re riding with a few other cyclists, be sure to stay distant from one another, wear protective equipment, and wipe down your bike before and after you go for a ride.

Get Out on the Water

When it comes to boating, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re getting in a kayak with your roommate and making your way across the lake or you’re taking in the sun on a pontoon boat, the wide-open water is a great place to socially distance. If you’re into fishing, you’re used to spending hours solitarily resting in one spot while the world passes you by. That’s the perfect way to isolate yourself while still doing something you love. You can even fish with a friend or someone in your household, just make sure you have your own bait and you can distance on the boat.

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