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Who’s Ready To Get Back Out There?



No Matter What Normal Looks Like It’s Time To Socialize

By: Jeff Walker

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. That’s an old expression I heard growing up, so don’t shoot me. I use the phrase because for many of us, it won’t be the same in society until everything we know is back to normal, when all businesses are open, and this whole social distancing black cloud over us goes away.

It won’t be the same until everyone out there is free from wearing gloves and masks. Society looks like we are in some kind of alternate world. I’m not a fan of everyone in the grocery store, restaurants, or Wal-Mart hiding their smiles or looking like they are heading into surgery.

I get the whole personal hygiene thing, not going out when your sick, and being extra mindful of sanitation both at home and in business. That’s common sense. I’ve been practicing those rules for several years, and hope that fellow citizens have the same mindset. Trust me there are many people I wouldn’t mind avoiding even more than six feet apart, but in general our society is based on social interaction.

I’m excited the country is beginning to re-open. It’s tragic that people have lost their lives to this current pandemic, and I’m thrilled pharmaceutical companies are busy around the world creating vaccines to combat COVID-19. However unless you’re a loner, self isolation can only go so far. We need to get back out there and enjoy the world as we did in 2019.

Suicide, depression, mental health, and lack of self worth are just a few of the reasons we need to break free from our homes. Staring at the same four walls, binge watching TV & occasional trips to the grocery store just aren’t cutting it. It’s in our DNA to be social, to gather together, and communicate to one another.

Many of us thrive on personal interaction, and until all the blips on the radar have been removed it won’t be the same out there. Until we can congregate inside the church building without wearing masks, or taped off pews it won’t be the same. Until we can sit next to each other at the movie theater, a restaurant, a concert, a play, or at a sporting event it will not be the same.

Common sense practices go a lot further in saving lives and preventing illnesses, than the craziness we have subject ourselves too. Medical professionals have been warning us for years to wash our hands often. Sounds so simple, yet it does a world of good. Wash your hands at work, after cleaning up the yard, tuning your car, coming in after a night out, and for God’s sake wash after every time you use the restroom. Washing your hands goes a long way to maintaining health.

If we all practiced washing our hands more often, covering our sneezes, and maintaining sanitary conditions at home and in business, we would all be better equipped to stay healthy. It doesn’t take that much time out of your day to implement these simple measures.

What I find insane over the past few months are the people who wear a mask yet continue to smoke. What the hell are they wearing a mask for if they don’t care about their health anyway. Do you know that over 65% off all deaths in America are caused by heart disease, cancers, accidents, and respiratory conditions, and many not all could have been prevented allowing people to live longer.

Let’s break it down. Heart disease tops the list and can be met head on by simply changing your diet, losing weight, and exercise. Sadly many don’t want to comply because they don’t care or are weak. They would rather die early. Sadly many cancers come out of nowhere and hit people blindsided, yet lung cancer and related respiratory diseases are brought on by smoking, a habit and a curse people can deal with.

Accidental death while not always foreseen does have a few pitfalls. Case in point. If I’m driving 100 mph on a crowded interstate I’m upping my chances of getting into an accident, possibly causing death to myself and others around me. The same principle applies to not wearing a seatbelt. Drinking and driving is one of the worst ways to lose your life. There are many lifestyle choices and decisions we make that simply don’t make sense.

The common flu has been around for over 500 years, with scientists developing a vaccine over 75 years ago. Two percent of the population in America die from the flu every year. Among the two percent several choose not to get flu shots, or follow normal protocol when they get sick. Could they have lived longer, possibly.

Will COVID-19 be a recurring health threat like the common flu? Only time will tell. Throughout history the world has been met with epidemics, pandemics, and disasters, yet we have risen above them all. We will deal with the Corona Virus in the same manner. Do you know our God given immune system fights off most of germs, viruses, and bacteria we encounter everyday of our lives.

This current pandemic has certainly caused a worldwide fear in everyone. It’s the only news of the day. We hardly care or hear about the other 95 plus percent that die every day. Whether the Chinese meant to bring on this curse on society is still up for debate. It’s here and we are dealing with it.

As I said in the beginning of this piece. I look forward to a day without protective gear, when we can smile rather than give a nod from six feet away. I look forward to rubbing elbows, offering up handshakes and high fives. I look forward to small talk at a concert, or inside a movie theater. I look forward to waiting in line to get inside a sports venue.

If anything we need to get back to normal for our sanity. I hope and pray fear has not caused more havoc and pain than the virus itself. Let’s jumpstart the economy and help restore business and community as we know it. It’s vital to our emotional and physical health.

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