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CVSC Releases 2020 Endorsements in advance of June 9 Primary



Press Release

Conservation Voters of South Carolina (CVSC) announced endorsements in 14 State Senate and 16 State House contests this week.

“We must build and strengthen a bipartisan conservation majority in the General Assembly to ensure that all South Carolinians can breathe clean air, drink clean water, and enjoy a legacy of protected lands for generations to come,” said John Tynan, CVSC’s Executive Director. “These endorsed candidates will be critical to that majority – working tirelessly to protect the air, land, and water that South Carolinians love and ensuring healthy, pollution free communities across the Palmetto State.”

Tynan highlighted the bipartisan nature of the endorsements with the organization supporting 14 Democrats and 16 Republicans, “Conservation isn’t a partisan issue – it is a core South Carolina value, and these endorsements reflect that,” said Tynan. “Regardless of party or geography, each of these candidates has a passion and determination for protecting the Palmetto State. We look forward to working with each of them once they’re elected.”

Of the endorsed candidates, 19 (9 Senate and 10 House) have primary contests on June 9. In addition, 6 of the endorsements are in open seats where an incumbent is not seeking election and 3 are challengers to incumbent lawmakers.

The most recent endorsements are listed below. For a list of endorsements released in March, click here. Additional endorsements are expected mid-summer.

  • Senate District 7 – Karl Allen (D)
  • Senate District 10 – Floyd Nicholson (D)
  • Senate District 12 – Scott Talley (R)
  • Senate District 16 (open) – Michael Johnson (R)
  • Senate District 17 – Mike Fanning (D)
  • Senate District 18 – Ronnie Cromer (R)
  • Senate District 22 – Mia McLeod (D)
  • Senate District 32 – Ronnie Sabb (D)
  • Senate District 34 – Tom Young (R)
  • Senate District 36 – Kevin Johnson (D)
  • Senate District 39 (open) – Vernon Stephens (D)
  • Senate District 40 – Brad Hutto (D)
  • Senate District 41 – Sandy Senn (R)
  • Senate District 45 – Margie Bright-Matthews (D)
  • House District 3 (open) – Jerry Carter (R)
  • House District 5 – Neal Collins (R)
  • House District 8 – Vaughn Parfitt (R) against incumbent Jonathon Hill
  • House District 28 – Ashley Trantham (R)
  • House District 33 (open) – Travis Moore (R)
  • House District 35 – Chris Bennett (R) against incumbent Bill Chumley
  • House District 43 – Randy Ligon (R)
  • House District 47 – Tommy Pope (R)
  • House District 49 – John King (D)
  • House District 80 – Jermaine Johnson (D) against incumbent Jimmy Bales
  • House District 94 (open) – Gil Gatch (R)
  • House District 95 – Jerry Govan (D)
  • House District 97 – Mandy Kimmons (R)
  • House District 100 – Sylleste Davis (R)
  • House District 109 (open) – Deon Tedder (D)
  • House District 122 – Shedron Williams (D)

Conservation Voters of South Carolina is a statewide nonprofit that fights for South Carolina’s air, land, water, and energy through bipartisan and pragmatic political action. We elect and hold our leaders directly accountable for a safe and healthy South Carolina. Learn more at or follow CVSC on Facebook and Twitter.

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