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How Is Raising a Fish Different From Common Pets



Pets have become a norm, a common sight in many homes today. The majority of people keep pets for companionship, to protect their homes, or even to add an aesthetic touch. It goes without saying; that cats and dogs are the two most common pets in our homes. But have you ever thought of keeping fish as a pet? Well, fish too are becoming increasingly popular in our homes, as well as our places of work. There is a wide variety of fish you could consider keeping, including goldfish, tetras, guppies, and swordtails. Fish make good pets for so many reasons. However, it’s important to note that having a fish as a pet is a totally different undertaking compared to keeping one of the common pets we mentioned.

The following are some ways how keeping a fish for a pet differs from common pets.

1. Specialized Equipment Is Needed

One of the most unique things about fish is that they live in an entirely different ecosystem. Unlike most pets, fish live in water. This means that when bringing your new companion home, you’ll have to create its habitat in your living room. Raising a pet fish thus requires a set of specialized equipment, including a fish tank, a filtration system, a pump, lighting, and a water heater, just to name a few. It is important for fish keepers to do some research and determine the best equipment to get, based on the kind of fish they want to get and how many. An all-in-one aquarium can be a great option if you’d rather skip the intimidation that comes from plumbing and setting up the entire fish tank system.

2. They Are Quiet

If you prefer having a quiet pet, raising a fish for a pet could be ideal for you. Unlike dogs, cats, and other pets such as parrots, which can at times be noisy and irritating especially when you are on your lows, pet fish are normally very silent, you would hardly notice their presence in the house. When they are noisiest, it will be out of a splash of water as they swim and jump in their aquarium! They are also a safer option if you have kids in the house since you won’t have to worry about scratches and bites as is often the case when kids play with dogs or cats.

3. Requires Less Space

If you own a small house and desire to have a pet, fish makes can be an ideal option. Fish aquariums come in many sizes to select from, so you can choose one that favors the size of the house. This is one major reason why many people, especially those with families, prefer having fish for pets over common alternatives. Most families live in small homes and it would be inappropriate and unmanageable to host a dog or a cat. Fish-keeping requires very little space. You can even choose to place your aquarium on a table or cupboard and store the fish accessories like foods in the same cupboard. On the other hand, a dog or a cat can occupy the whole house since they’re free to move around and you may not have boundaries for them unless you’re a bit strict.

4. Can be Cheaper to Maintain Compared to Other Pets

The cost of keeping a fish pet is far much less than maintaining a dog or a cat. It will all depend on the breed you decide to keep. Some pet fishes like goldfish are cheaper but then again, it will depend on how deep your pocket is. The fancier the fish, the more expensive it is! Also, maintenance for fish is also less expensive, since you won’t have to take the lovely fellow to the vet for routine checks or vaccination. They also need less space and they are cheaper to feed since they don’t consume as much as other pets do.

5. Does Not Require Much Attention

One major advantage of keeping fish pets is that you don’t have to walk them around all the time like the dogs or even play with them. Fish are very independent and they will hardly realize your absence. You can easily leave them under someone else’s care as you go for your holiday, unlike dogs or cat pets, which you may have to travel with. Maintaining the fish will only require your five to ten minutes to feed them per day and at least 30 minutes weekly for changing the fish tank water to clean out the algae. This also makes it a great option if you are the busy kind of person.

6. They Are Naturally Pleasing

An aquarium adds a beautiful appeal to your house. This can add value to your home, especially for fixed, bigger fish tanks that can accommodate larger fish and beautiful aquatic features.

And there you have it. We’ve just established how different it is to raise a fish compared to other pets. All the same, it’s worth mentioning that some aspects of fish keeping can also be quite challenging. For instance, pet fish require more specialized care as they are very sensitive and can easily die if mishandled. For instance, the tank will need regular cleaning, aeration, and temperature monitoring to keep the pet in good health. Also, you cannot hold or touch them, or even take them to your friends for a sleepover, lol!

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