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Own Your Weekends Again



Would you like to have more time to yourself when the weekend arrives? Are you tired of playing catch up on chores and mundane tasks on your days off? The good news is that there are some clever workarounds that make it easy to get the most out of your weekends. If you’re a busy professional, college student, or stay at home parent, the weekend should be your time to relax, not worry about endless chores and errands. It’s time to take back your free time, and you can get started right away with the following lifestyle hacks.

Don’t Waste Time at the Store

If you’re planning a weekend getaway with friends, buy your supplies on the way home from work during the week. You’ll save on gas by not making a separate trip and will save hours by shopping at non-peak times. Weekends are the absolute worst for shopping because grocery and retail stores are crowded. Do your shopping on one or two days during the work week to save money and valuable minutes. Then, when the weekend rolls around, you’ll be all ready for the fun, without having to stop at the store for drinks, food, ice, and other party supplies.

Don’t Stand in Line

People who want to apply for medical marijuana cards hate making that trip to a downtown office to fill out an application. In addition, the wasted hours, you have to deal with the hassle of parking, driving during peak traffic, and making sure you bring all your documents along. Now, several states are leading the way to end that bit of unpleasantness. No longer do you need to struggle to obtain a medical marijuana card.

What’s an easy way to get your card in states like Missouri? Online, of course. Rather than wasting your valuable time driving to a state office and filling out a hard-copy application there, you can do the whole task from the comfort of your computer chair, laptop, smartphone. Don’t waste an otherwise perfect Saturday morning standing in line at a state office. Take care of this simple chore online and spend your time off having fun instead.

Charge Up Every Device You Have

Whether you plan to stay at home or head for the great outdoors this coming weekend, don’t be caught without essential electricity for your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or camping gear. Pick a regular weekday as your recharge day so you won’t have to do last-minute phone or laptop charging if you decide to go for a long hike, fishing trip, or camping outing.

Do Household Chores on Two Weeknights

It’s easy to get into the habit of doing laundry, dishes, and house cleaning on weekends. Sadly, too many let these three essential life chores eat up all their free hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Don’t fall for this trap. Instead, designate two weeknights for getting all your laundry done, cleaning your house or apartment, and getting the kitchen in perfect order. You’ll thank yourself when Friday night arrives and you realize that the next two days are all yours.

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