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Restoring A Youthful Appearance Through Neck Lifts: What You Need to Know



There are various surgeries on adjusting fats and skin that are offered to men and women to look younger. But women are known to have patronized cosmetic enhancements more than men.


Doing facelifts is one thing, but taking care of your neck is another part you need to take care of. It’s not only the face that takes a toll from the gravity of aging, your neck is also affected.


The delicate skin of the neck, aside from the face, is vulnerable to the effects of aging, genetics, and environmental factors. Since this is a very much visible part of your body, it dramatically affects how we see ourselves and how people see us with our overall appearance.

Old Age Creates an “Older Neck”

As we grow older, our neck undergoes several changes that contribute to the overall aged appearance. An aging human body fails to produce the average elastin and collagen amounts as they get older. And as a result, the skin fails to retain its original firmness and begins to sag.


Facial lines and wrinkles become more noticeable, and the neck gathers its skin up and becomes what is known as a “turkey neck” skin folding and sag to the neck creates a turkey-like shape on your neck.  This and the loss of elasticity at the face creates an even older appearance.

Necklift, A Solution

A neck lift surgery is a cosmetic process that involves the removal of sagging, excess skin, and fat in the patient’s jawline, shaping its way to a more defined and youthful neck. This procedure may not stop the aging process, but it sure makes you look younger than your current age.


Patients do not commonly request neck surgery, but over the years, there is an increase of patients seeking neck lifts because of its effectiveness and the look of youth it restores. The surgery itself is quick and painless. Placing you under general anesthetic and focuses on lifting and moving tissues around your neck to build defined contours and once it is placed, removal of excess skin and fat is made to make the neck tighter and finishing them all up by sutures.


The whole process may take around two or more houses depending on the altercation needed, and patients can usually go home right away after the surgery. But, keep in mind that after surgery, your neck may show bruises and swelling, but when that subsides after some time, results will show a youthful and defined appearance.


Let us say you wanted to get an appointment for a neck lift surgery, and there are some small preparations you have to make before starting the cosmetic process. Generally speaking, your doctor might prohibit you from taking blood-thinning medications days before surgery. Typical examples are warfarin, Advil, and aspirin.


Additionally, getting neck lifts means a complete stop of smoking. Tobacco promotes skin wrinkling and slows the healing process, and do not forget to arrange for a ride directly to home after surgery as you need full rest days after your procedure.


Aside from the preparations said earlier, patients will undergo several evaluations of your physical health and expectations. Since neck lift is only one of the cosmetic surgeries offered, doctors might recommend setting up additional operations such as skin resurfacing and brow lifts.


Depending on your desired surgical goal, additional procedures may apply. Finally, the face will be measured and photographed. In that way, you can realize the significant differences in your neck and gain more confidence.

Risks and Concerns 

Risks are part of every cosmetic surgery, and while your doctor would initially disclose these risk factors. It is essential that you were informed early to understand more about neck lifts, and you go along with the evaluation and health discussions with your doctor.


Neck lift surgery risks include numbness to the sensation of affected areas, possible scarring, and bleeding, which makes it worse if you are taking blood-thinning medications before the surgery.


Heavy smokers might also experience a longer healing process due to the effects of tobacco, as well as possible infection and other complications.


Additionally, getting surgery from unqualified surgeons increases the risks even more. Along with anesthesia risks, hematoma, and unsatisfactory results are other side effects, which will ultimately lead to additional surgeries and expensive medications. It is essential to address all of these concerns directly to your plastic surgeon or look for credible and trustworthy cosmetic clinics.


This cosmetic surgery has been around for the longest time, and just like any surgery, its success depends on your preparation, health history, and the expertise of the participating surgeons. If you want to maximize neck lift surgery, restore your younger years, and feel more confident, then start taking care of your body, get the proper doctors, and cut off your unhealthy habits.

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1 Comment

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