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Common Issues People Face During Insurance Claims



A good insurance plan can be evaluated by how they process claims. For most people, the management and claim system set up by insurance companies ends up working for their greater good. However, for some people, the process could be complicated, considering that they experience troubles during the processing of the claims. Here are some possible issues that some people encounter after filing for insurance claims.

1. The Insurance Company Has Denied Your Claim

In some cases, you might fail to be content with the insurance decision to deny the claim, and you feel like there was an error in processing. The best part about an abandoned application is that you are at liberty to appeal the claim. Some carriers only require that you email the request for a claim review, but in some cases, you might be required to fill in a particular form. Filling that claim might prove to be troublesome; hence expert lawyers could advise you to read more here on why you should consider handing over the claimed responsibility to professionals. A good lawyer will evaluate the evidence in your case, and you can have higher chances of getting your deserved compensation. An expert lawyer will assess and determine the extent of your physical or emotional injury before filing for a review of the claim. Ensure that you provide all details, such as doctors’ records, that will reveal the reason why you disagree with the insurer’s original decision.

2. You Receive Payment Overdue Notices

In case you have left a claim unpaid or failed to make a follow-up, you might get an overdue payment notice. Never ignore such notices and always consider to follow up. Begin by calling your provider and inform them that the insurance company is handling the claim. Ensure that you have submitted all relevant documents to the insurer then review your application using the online platform. Finally, confirm whether the insurance company can offer you a timeline on when to expect compensation. At this moment, you should also confirm whether you have outstanding payments that include excluded benefits, coinsurance, copay, or any deductibles.

3. You Have Not Heard Back From the Insurance Company

There are numerous reasons why the insurance company might have failed to offer feedback after you submit the claim. The most common reason could be that the application was not submitted. Consider contacting the clinic or doctor, then ensure that they file the claim and that they present the right insurance information. In case you failed to submit your ID when undergoing treatment, the hospital might lack the correct details to file the claim. In such a situation, offer the health facility your insurance address, policy number, and you can email the provider a copy of your ID. In case you are not a fan of calling and prefer filing an online claim, you will realize that most insurers have online claim management platforms where you can monitor the claim status at any time of the day. The tracking system will notify you of the status of your claim and is meant to make the process efficient.

4. The Claim Has Been in Processing for Over 30 Days

Claims often take around 30 working days to be processed, but it could be done earlier than that. In case you have failed to hear from the insurance company, consider contacting them to verify the status of the claim. There are numerous reasons why the application could have taken longer. The insurance company might be waiting for medical records from the hospital, or you might have failed to complete the claim form. Always ensure that you keep track of your claim and consider calling them to follow up on the claim status.

5. You Fail to Understand Claim Information

Upon processing the claim, the insurance company might send you an explanation of the benefits that details what was covered and what wasn’t covered. The details might be confusing, although you should take the time to go through it. You might see a Patient Responsibility note on the explanation of the benefits; this is the amount that you are obligated to pay your provider. The reasons why a given aspect was never covered would also appear on the document, therefore, consider contacting the insurer in case you need further clarification.

Generally, there are numerous issues that people face when filing insurance claims ranging from incomplete claim forms to negligence on the part of the insurance company. In case you encounter such problems, it’s always advisable to contact the insurer or consider leaving the responsibility with a professional lawyer. That claim is your right, and the insurance company is under obligation to compensate you for your damages.

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