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Baltimore Jeweler Presents Little Known Jewelry Care Tips You Didn’t Know



Jewelry is all about class. They cost a lot of money. Jewelry comes with sentimental attachments. That’s why most people will want to wear them for the rest of their lives. However, jewelry is prone to tarnishing, scratching, as well as dullness. These factors can severely lower your jewelry’s value. But you can adopt several measures to keep them in top shape forever. Here are top tips for taking care of your jewelry—including avoiding moisture.

Keep Them Ziplock Bags

One of the worst enemies of jewelry is moisture. Leaving your pieces of jewelry exposed to the air can interfere with their quality. For instance, moisture can stain jewelry—making them tarnish. So, the best way to store your gens is by putting them in ziplock bags. However, be sure to squeeze all the moisture before sealing these bags.

Wear Them on Rotation

Like clothes, you cannot wear jewelry every day. They will lose value and become antediluvian. So, buy a lot of jewelry pieces. Then put them on rotation. They will last longer and elevate your looks each time you step from your home. Purchase original pieces from Nelson Coleman and wear them on rotation for better results.


Gold and Silver Pieces Should Be Stored Separately

Don’t store gold and silver jewelry together. Store them separately. The thing is that Gold can scratch easily. It tends to be delicate. So, get them separate bags. It will protect your pieces and leave them sparkling for years.

Wipe Them

After use, ensure that your pieces of jewelry are wiped. The best way to go about this is using an anti-tarnish soft based cloth. It will eliminate any lingering moisture, oil, as well as dust.

No Toothpaste

Some people tend to think that toothpaste is good for cleaning beauty products—including pieces of jewelry. But the thing is that toothpaste is too abrasive and can damage your pieces. So, stay away from toothpaste if you want your jewelry to last long.

Dishwashing Soap plus Warm, Clean Water

Don’t let dirty or dust make your pieces dull. You can use dishwashing soap plus clean warm water to clean them. If you discover that your pieces are beginning to discolor, become flimsy, or even dull, consider using a few drops of warm water with soap to rub them. Always use a soft cloth to clean the pieces. From here, rinse them using cool water. Finally, buff the pieces with dry cloth.

No-Soak Treatment

Do you own pearls or porous stones? Well, cleaning these pieces can be difficult to use. Luckily, you can clean your jewelry using a makeup brush with shampoo and water. When wiping the pearl, use a clean cloth. Be sure to dry the pieces before storage.

Apply Clear Nail Polish

If you possess costume jewelry, you can apply a layer of clear nail polish. It will preserve their quality.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let scratches, tarnishes, and dullness spoil your expensive jewelry. If you value your jewelry, take good care of them. The above are proven care tips and tricks for keeping jewelry on top shape for years to come.

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