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How To Survive Lockdown And Not Get Bored



If the thought of being stuck indoors almost 24/7 gives you anxiety – you’re definitely not alone. Millions of people around the world are frustrated, bored and lonely and we just don’t know what to do with our time. In the normal world, we can easily distract ourselves by going out to see our friends, working those weights at the gym or even just going to sunbathe at the beach. However, since the Coronavirus pandemic hit we have been forced to really be with ourselves and for many people, this can be an unsettling feeling.

So if you’ve found yourself struggling, read on for some of our tips on how to survive in isolation, from experimenting in the kitchen with vegan recipes to overcoming your frustrations with VR porn.

Don’t Forget To Keep Moving

It’s all too common to spend a lot of our time sitting down. Whether you’re still working from home or you’ve spent the last month on the sofa watching Netflix – you must remember to keep your body moving from time to time.

We all know that exercise releases happy hormones and improves our moods, but when you’re stuck indoors, our normal routines go out the window. Write down a daily routine and stick to it so you can’t make excuses not to. You know you will feel so much better and it gives you something to do too!

If your country allows you to go outside for exercise – use this opportunity! It may not be the same as the gym you’re used to, but you can definitely create a new routine that will work well for what you have to work with. Love pull-ups? Find a horizontal tree branch! Do you regularly play squash? Just find a nice big wall outside and hit those frustrations away with your racket – just make sure to find a wall with no windows though. Love to run? You could even participate in a virtual marathon!

If you can’t go outside at all, there are loads of online classes that you can do, from yoga to martial arts. After you’re done reading this article, go do 20 squats!

Escape The Real World With Virtual Reality

There have been so many advances with technology over the last few years and the rise of virtual reality is by far one of the most exciting things that we can actually enjoy from home!

With just a small gadget, you can take yourself out of your living room and immerse yourself into a whole new world, one where you can be the protagonist of any scenario you choose.

If you miss nature, you can go for a walk in the forest and maybe find a nice place to meditate too. If you miss the gym, there are several pieces of equipment that can sync with your headset and you can go for a bike ride into a beautiful sunset or get some upper body workout through boxing.

If you miss dating, why not give VR porn a try? From “boyfriend/girlfriend” experiences to satisfying your kinkiest desires, there’s something there for everyone and you may be surprised at how realistic it feels!

Learn Something New 

If you’ve ever made the excuse that you can’t do something because you “don’t have the time” – now is the perfect chance to look into it again! Everything has gone online right now, so whether you wanted to learn a new language, dive deep into financial modelling or take up a dance class – you’re just a quick Google search away from starting a new hobby.

Improve Your Kitchen Skills

When we’re out and about, going to work, to and from meetings, often our diet suffers as a consequence of us eating out all the time. Why not spend a bit more time in the kitchen during the lockdown? Not only will you take your health into your own hands, but you may also discover how enjoyable cooking can be!

With meat flying off the shelves at incredible speeds right now, why not learn how to make some vegan dishes – you may be surprised at the variety of things you can do! Or maybe just learn how to make some cocktails… but please test your bottle juggling skills with plastic bottles first!

Put Your Computer Away

Read a good book every once in a while too, not everything has to be done on your computer or phone! We rely so much on our technology these days that we sometimes forget that we can have fun without it.

Play some board games, get that painting kit out, put together a 1,500 piece puzzle, sew a bag or tend to the garden if you have one. Lockdown is a great opportunity to get creative, so why not take this opportunity to try anything and everything!

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