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Using Numerology to Become Your Most Genuine Self



The best part about life is the dynamic nature of humans, whereby everyone is peculiar. Everyone was created differently, therefore, each person has a unique self and future. Numerology helps in numerous ways, given that it will offer you different ways of interpretation to enable you to discover yourself and have some insight into your future and paths that lead to your destiny. The levels of understanding are complex, but they work as numerological figures that will give you directions as you seek to discover yourself.

The five numerological numbers

The five numbers used in numerology are building blocks that create a person’s numerological chart. The numbers are based on your birth date, or birth name and they have significant effects on your behavior or character. Besides, you can calculate your numerological number using a simple technique. This is the basis of oracle and Tarot readings proven to improve self-efficacy. On this URL you can get more information on how to use oracle readings to improve your inner self. Astrologists use these techniques to manage depression, anxiety and stress. This article will discuss ways you can use numerology to improve your inner self.

Expression number

The expression number provides information about your life goals and the natural gifts that are peculiar to you when you are born. The number is calculated using the numerological vibrations that are tied to the birth name that you were given when you were born. The number offers individual information on weaknesses, talents, and abilities.

Life path number

The number acts as a personal blueprint that contains details about a person’s life path, and it has an impact on responses, reactions and character traits portrayed by a person. When using numerology, the figure is calculated using the birth date, the month and year. The numbers are the most significant since they encode the details of a person’s entirety. On the numerology chart, the path number is considered the most significant.

Personality number

This number is similar to the personality number, given that it provides information on what others think about when you first met. The data is based on what you divulge to others and offers details on the content that you share with people you meet. The personality number acts as a screening system that is calculated from the numerical value of the consonants in your birth name.

Birthday number

Your life’s first gift is considered to be a unique talent that you were conceived with when you were born. The day you were born serves as a significant value that can reveal your life’s journey. It is destiny that you were born on that day, and you had particular talents on your birthday, the date acts as a timestamp that significantly affects your life. However, the birthday number happens to be the least significant sole number.

Heart desire number

When it comes to matters of life, love, career or affairs, the desired number provides a map that justifies all actions that anyone takes during their lifetime. Your subconscious desires and life choices are calculated based on numerical values obtained from vowel letters in your name.

Getting to know the importance of the five numbers will help you on your journey to understanding yourself. You are probably excited, and you want to learn more about your chart from a numerologist. Before you find one, try calculating the numbers yourself by employing a step by step guide.

Life path calculation guide


When calculating your life path number, you need to follow some basic guidelines. There are some three superior numbers, 11, 22 and 33, and it would be essential that you treat the numbers in your birthday as single digits. You, therefore, have to reduce units on your birthdate to single figures. For instance, if you were born on 13th September 2000, then September (9), 13(1+3) and 2000 will be 2+0+0+0. Add all the numbers, and the result will be 15. Finally, add 1+5 and get 6; that’s your life path number.

Compatibility chart

Generally, there are nine life path numbers, from 1 to 9, and every number has a different implication. Given that you have calculated your path number, you can go through a compatibility chart to discover what the path number says about you. In case your path number is one of the three master numbers, that is 11, 22 or 33, your compatibility chart number would be 2, 4 or 6 in that order. In case your compatibility number happens to be 1, the chart would imply that you are a natural leader. The different numbers have different meanings, consider visiting a numerologist or have an online search to reveal the numerical significance of your number.

Most people lack a clear life purpose and studying your life path might help you to have focus. You can always calculate your number by adding the numbers as illustrated above. The path number will help pull all your life pieces, and your life purpose will be revealed given that you will see patterns and connections in your life.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Reese Evans

    August 18, 2021 at 1:45 am

    Thank you very much for the article. I enjoy reading this. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Your views help people to improve themselves. Well done.

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