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Amazingly Versatile Short Layered Bob Haircut



Short layered bob hairstyles are pretty stylish and modern. Short hair is making a big comeback, and its presence can be felt again. If you have been wondering where to get an inspiration that will give you a total transformation of your looks, short layered haircuts have you covered. No more worries whatsoever. Short layered hairstyles have a long history of making women appear younger than their real age.

Choosing a layered haircut during your next trip to the salon will offer you a super trend bob to rock your looks. The haircut will add more layers and give you an utterly versatile hairstyle, which appears equally great on curly and straight hair as well. Still in the dark? Well, accompany us as we look at this exciting gallery of short layered bob haircuts.


  •  Silver Layered Bob-Fashionable Balayage Haircuts.


Silver is a beautiful hair shade, which is currently the talk of the town. Combining this super cool colour with layered bob will give you one of the most versatile and trendiest haircuts in the world. Rock this amazing haircut by cutting your locks to the jaw length. Graduate the tips, so the hair is extended towards the front compared to the back. You can rock this haircut either curly or straight-both will appear incredibly smart.


  • Swept Back Brown Bob And Blonde Highlights.


Yet another incredible bob haircut with a lot of variations in style. To rock this look, start by chopping your hair a few inches above your shoulder. Incorporate a lot of layers across the entire hair. Shade your manes in a dark brown hue and include golden highlights throughout the whole haircut. Sweep the hair in the front backward and then add bouncy and loosely styled curls from the crown to bottom.


  • Brown to Baby Pink Curls.


Baby pink is the best shade to incorporate in your locks if you want something unique and still on the trend. Style your attractive layered haircut, which cascades a few inches past your jaw length and includes pink ombre blend starting at the roots. Add volumes of choppy layers to the trimmings of your locks and loose curls for a standout finish.


  • Curl Blonde Hedged Haircut.


Hedged bob is another classic variation of the layered bob hairstyle, which is ridiculously fashionable. To recreate this style, include a lot of choppy layers throughout the back of your head. As such, you will have an extended section of manes towards the front. Add more curls across the entire bob style and utilise some styling product to tousle your hair.


  • Graduated Blonde and Ringlets.


This bob hairstyle is defined by two things; short hair at the back and extended hair in the front. It has a beautiful staggered tip that comes up with the coolest diagonal demarcation on your head. This graduated bob hairstyle has the most refreshing light blonde colour, which is a must-try style you should copy. Copy this hairstyle by including a lot of beautiful ringlets starting at the top to the bottom for an amazing Friday-night out look.


  • Tousled Balayage Haircut.


Balayage technique brings two hair hues together flawlessly, creating a seamless colour melt. Copy this incredible haircut by cutting your locks into a jaw-length bob. Include a lot of short layers across the entire hairstyle and roughly and loosely curl your balayage blonde hair. Tousle your hair using your fingers to give it a curlier look and a fantastic finish.


  • Blonde and Brown Bob and Loose Waves.


Highlighting your locks is a great way to give your layered bob some life. This hair is trimmed an inch below the jaw length. The layers at the bottom have a deep and dark brown colour. The layers added on the crown are choppy and stylish. They are pretty full of blonde highlights. Include a loose wave across the top layers to come up with a wonderful wavy haircut that is sure to steal the show.


  • Brown to Silver Bob Haircut with a Lot of Curls.


Maintaining your bob sleek and straight could be everything you need to do rock one of the most fashionable bob haircut. Further, the hair is chopped into a graduated bob, which begins at the shoulder length and ends at the front of your face.

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