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Will a Golf Watch Actually Lower Your Score



Golf is one of the greatest sports not only because of the excitement it brings by trying to beat your record but also because of the requirement for both mental and emotional discipline. For some sports, a player’s bank on skills, but golf relies on a fusion of technique, strategy, utilizing the right equipment, and mental fitness to name a few. When it comes to equipment, one of the most recent accessories added to a golfer’s list is a golf watch. Back in 1999, the first wristwatch with GPS was introduced at CES Las Vegas. The inclusion of GPS capabilities in wristwatches, then drove the sports industry to exploit the advantages of this technology. The question is, will a golf watch actually lower your score? 

The following are factors that prove that a golf watch can help lower your score. 

Knowing the Field

Stress can hinder your game, and this type of tension is common when playing in unfamiliar terrain. A golf watch reduces that handicap by providing information on your location and your distance from the hole and other parts of the course. The Garmin Approach S20 is preloaded with over 40,000 courses, providing an advantage of having a sense of familiarity with the field. It provides the course layout, can identify the user’s distance to different elements in the area, and even identifies hazards.

With the accurate measurement provided by a golf watch, the golfer can better calculate the distance and implement a strategy to get the ball where he wants it to be. Another advantage is the assistance for out-of-sight shots. The chances of taking blind shots are reduced, if not eliminated, with the help of the GPS.

Tracking Progress and Data

Now you can easily track your game data and review your progress after. Superior golf watches provide tracking features for your shots and render analysis of your performance. Accurate data are tracked and automatically recorded, which you can scrutinize for improving your technique. Essential data, such as club distances, putting statistics and proximity to the hole, are collated and readily accessible.

Efficiency and Learning

Amateurs will especially benefit from the data provided by a golf watch. They will no longer guess and incorrectly declare how far they’ve hit with a type of club. The data in the golf watch will provide evidence that the type of club used does matter on how far a player can hit. Players can then understand their expanse for every kind of club. Moreover, with the information at hand, players will no longer hesitate when taking a shot. Since they know the required distance and have learned from their records, they can choose the club straight away with little skepticism.

Becoming Accustomed to it

There are quite a handful of advantages to using a golf watch. However, the first time working with it can be quite tricky. Some may be lost and frustrated, trying to understand their watch that might affect their play and score. It is then best to understand your watch before hitting the course. On the other hand, once you have relied on your watch, you may find it challenging to play without it.

There are plenty of features that a golf watch can offer. Calculating distances, identifying hazards, performance recording, and progress tracking are helpful innovations fitted into such a handy device. However, it is still the player’s discipline and strategic thinking that will lower the score. Golf watches do improve your game; you just have to know how to utilize the information it offers.

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