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Expert Tips to Keep You Hydrated All the Time



With a new sunny season at our doorsteps, staying hydrated at all times becomes an essential topic. Drinking enough water is vital for those who suffer from low blood pressure as they might find themselves more prone to fainting and losing consciousness during summertime. Those with more active lifestyles, such as people who like to ride bikes, go mountain climbing, or even just walking to work every day, are protected from heat strokes by their body sweat. Our sweat glands start overproducing sweat as a way to regulate our body heat. This water our body produces eventually evaporates and creates a difference in temperature, which might help to cool us down when the heat is unbearable.


While adults with sedentary lifestyles can easily stay hydrated by drinking enough water, many of them still struggle with increasing their water intake due to different reasons. Some people hate how water tastes, others only drink cold water, and many might even forget to drink enough water for their bodies to stay hydrated. To help with those common problems, we have collected some hacks that you can use to ensure that your body stays hydrated. 

Drinking Reminder Apps 

Regardless of how many problems some people might have to deal with as a result of their low water intake, they still forget to drink enough water. The amount of water required varies from one person to another; factors such as weight, lifestyle, and age all determine the amount of water your body needs. To calculate the right amount for your needs, calculate your body weight in pounds, and multiply it by 67%. Your activity level should also be considered in this equation. For every 30 minutes of working out, you should add 12 ounces of water to your daily water intake. Still, you shouldn’t drink this amount all at once. This is when the importance of the many available apps step in. You can set an alarm for every 30 minutes or an hour to be reminded of the amount of water you should drink.

Tumblers to Keep Water Cool 

One of the many reasons that prevent people from drinking the right amount of water is that it might not always be easy to have access to cold clean water. Insulated mugs have completely changed the game. These mugs can do amazing work in keeping your drinks cold or hot for hours. The insulation works by reducing the heat transfer rate to save your drink from losing its perfect temperature. Reviewers on this website have put together a list of the best tumblers you can utilize to thermally insulate your drink while allowing you to sip comfortably as you go on your way to work or anywhere. This way you can ensure that you have easy access to your favorite drink at a perfect temperature.

Detox Water 

While many lifestyle gurus swear by how important detox water is for cleaning our systems from toxins or shedding extra weight that we hold around our tummies, others, on the other hand, believe that they don’t hold any real benefits. However, these drinks can be perfect for people who hate the plain taste of water. There are numerous available recipes online for different detox drinks that you can sip to cool down and hydrate your body without having to tolerate the taste. Here are different flavors that you can add to your water that allegedly also have advantages to our bodies.


  • Lime or Lemon slices: This can be one of the best refreshing drinks that might also help with digestion. Adding lime slices to your water will feel like summer in a cup, in addition to relieving bloating and excess gasses due to their similarity to the enzymes our digestive systems produce to stimulate digestion.


  • Oranges: You can add some orange slices for an extra hit of vitamin C that improves immune body functions.


  • Mint leaves and Cucumber: Mint can add some touches of flavor to your water and stimulate a healthy digestion process. Adding cucumber works great in providing the body with vitamin A and works as the perfect antioxidant for your body.



You can mix and match between the previously mentioned ideas to reach your favorite detox water recipe. Even if these flavors won’t flush out body toxins, they can still help make your water taste more pleasant.


Drinking enough water during the summer, and in general, is important to improve body functions. Drinking enough water can also aid in weight loss and enhance your metabolic rate. Many seemingly unresolvable problems like fatigue and low blood pressure can be resolved by drinking enough water as long as there is no underlying medical condition.

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