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Reasons Why Frozen Boysenberries Are Better Than Fresh Ones



For those who do not know, a boysenberry is a cross-breed between raspberry, blackberry, dewberry, and loganberry. Rudolph Boysen, a horticulturist from California, created this cross-breed.

Walter Knott was the first to commercially cultivate it in Southern California. Knott was also the one who referred to the berry as “boysenberry,” derived from the name of the cross-breeder, Rudolph Boysen.

Today, frozen berries are very popular, especially boysenberries. Berries have a lot of nutritional elements that will benefit your health. However, many prefer frozen berries due to many factors. Let’s find out why these people choose frozen berries rather than fresh ones.

Frozen is Better Than Fresh

Many consider berries a superfood because they are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Both fresh and frozen berries are available in the market, but most consumers opt for frozen ones, and these are the reasons why.



  • Fresh produce, on the other hand, loses its nutrients as it sits during transport and on the shelves of the grocery store for days.


  • Frozen boysenberries can be stored longer than their fresh counterpart. Since it is frozen, it’s unlikely to rot quickly than fresh ones. So if you want to stock more boysenberries, you should opt for the frozen ones.


  • Frozen produce is cheaper than fresh. It’s why it is more accessible to more consumers. You can double the volume of your product when you buy it frozen.


  • Since you can store frozen boysenberries longer than fresh ones, buyers tend to consume more when the berries are frozen. Frozen produce is already washed before freezing. This makes it easier to use in cooking or to ingest directly. Berries will also be available whenever you want if you store frozen berries in your freezer all year round.


  • After harvesting, fresh boysenberries start to lose their moisture, which leads to a higher chance of spoiling and a drop of nutrients. The nutrients from fresh produce decline after three days of refrigeration compared to frozen varieties.


  • Fresh boysenberries are only best eaten if you pick it yourself and consume it right away. By doing this, you can make sure that the nutrients in the berry are at its optimal value. But if you plan to store it for several days or weeks, boysenberries need to be frozen right after harvest.

Frozen produce, including boysenberry, is a healthier option. It proves that fresh berries are not always the better choice for you. Fresh berries and other fresh fruits slowly lose their nutrients as the days pass by.

For a more convenient shopping experience, you can purchase your frozen boysenberries from the Berryman online. They provide frozen boysenberries that are the best in the market.

The Freezing Process

Freezing is a better way to preserve a boysenberry compared to canning and refrigeration. It is because, during freezing, the fruit is only exposed to heat in a short period. In canning, the fruit will undergo longer heat treatments and might result in loss of nutrients.

Commercially, boysenberries are blanched before freezing them. Blanching is a process that inactivates the enzyme present in the berry. By doing so, you can prevent any undesirable discoloration of the berry. You can also avoid any changes in flavor and the texture of your berry.

After the blanching process, manufacturers will pack boysenberries as desired. It is then stored at freezing temperatures until it is ready to be distributed to grocery stores. You can continue to store this frozen produce in your freezer for up to several weeks.

You can also freeze your berry by merely storing it in freezer bags and putting it in the freezer. Wash and dry your berries before storing them to make sure that they are clean and ready to eat or use anytime.

If you have a vast space in your freezer, it is also better to spread your berries out in a baking pan. This way, your berries will freeze quickly and won’t stick together.

When your berries are nicely frozen, you can transfer them into the freezer bag. Freezer bags are not the same as ordinary plastic bags. It is thicker than the conventional plastic bags, which helps the produce avoid freezer burn. It is also best to label your berries and use the ones you got first.

But if you don’t have the time to freeze your boysenberries, you can purchase them anytime at your local grocery store. You can also buy volumes online and store them in your freezer.


Frozen boysenberries are better than their fresh counterpart due to the preserved nutrients present in the berry. Fresh boysenberries quickly lose their nutritive compounds the longer they stay on shelves. By choosing frozen ones, you can enjoy your boysenberries anytime your heart desires.



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